What kind of alien are you?

What kind of alien are you?

what alien are you? a normal green alien or a black figured alien? yes i love the game alien isolation

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There is a human infront of you what do you do?

Leap at it biting his forehead
Crush it with all your weight then eat the
Leap onto the humans face and wait

Your Searching for a human what would you do?

Search for the human by checking under the
tables and in the closets
Go back to your nest and lay more eggs
Wait intill its the right moment then leap at his

A human was shooting at you. what do you do?

Run into the nearest vent
Crush them all
Run away
Slither away and hide

A human was running away from you

Hug <3
Nah I can't kill him I'm too young!

You were sucked out of the airlock

DAMMIT! I almost had him.
Noo! My babies ):
I just wanted to hug ):

The end

B-but I wanted to kill them
Meh I will lay eggs somewhere else
Gotta hug dem all
Ima worm thingy