Does my family like you?

Does my family like you?

Hi guys! Maria here with silver and shadow! Silver: hi guys! Shadow: hi... Me: did you two get in a fight again? Silver and shadow: ... me: ugh... Anyway! This quiz is to see whether you will fit into my family. Me and the boys will be asking the questions so lets get on with it!

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Okay i shall ask the first question! Silver: im asking the next one!! Shadow: whatever.. i dont care me: guys please... Anyway Whats your favourite colour? *hides behind shadow*

Any other bright colour
Black or White (shadow: aren't they shades? Me: what colours are you and silver? Shadow: white and bl-- Oh...)
Dark Blue

Silver: right my turn! What's your favourite hobby? Shadow: typical of you plant head. silver: HEY!!!!

Listening to music
Playing video games

Me: Shads hun. You can ask your question now. Shadow: finally. What weapon? Silver: what sort of question is that?

Talking is my weapon

Since those two have gotten in a fight again I'll be asking the questions from now on.

Okay then!
I guess that makes sense

So out of us three who do you like most?

None of you

Well i have to go and sort the boys out.

I'm sure they are fine
Why do they get into so many fights?

See u later. (cant put the Actual word -.-)

See you