Warrior Cats Quiz (2)

Warrior Cats Quiz (2)

Find out your warrior cat name and clan this quiz. Comment what you get below.

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You see a riverclan cat approaching your clan border nervously what do you do?

Snarl at it and tell it to back away from your
Ask it what it wants
Rip its pelt off if it gets a step closer
I am a Riverclan cat!

You see your best friend in a fight with another cat but your friend is losing. What do you do?

Watch and cheer them on
I don't have a best friend!
Rip the other cats pelt off
Break up the fight

You see a kit from another clan drowning in a river. What do you do?

Leap in and save it
Watch it while laughing
Run and get a cat that can swim well
Kill it

An apprentice takes a piece of prey you really wanted.

GRRR I WANTED THAT (rips pelt off)
Let it have it
Go catch another
Kill it

How good was this test?

It was fine
I liked it
Get on with it
Don't make rip your pelt off