~JaeParkian Story.~

~JaeParkian Story.~

This quiz is actually more just a story, but you can choose what to say! Some of the questions will decide what the ending will be like, so choose carefully. And you get to play as YoungK/Brian! 😁

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(You play as YoungK/Brian and you get to choose which answer you want! Choose carefully! Some of the questions will lead to the ending. Hope you enjoy! 😄)

*You walk into the living room to see Jae peeking over the side of the wall watching Sungjin eat churros and do something on his phone. You go up to Jae and tap him on the shoulder* Jae: "Gahh!!!! Don't scare me like that!!"

Brian: "What are you doing?"
Brian: "Then don't stalk other people like that!"

Jae: *Sighs and peeks back at Sungjin* "I'm just waiting for the right moment to steal a churro."

Brian: "Stop stealing food from Sungjin!"
Brian: "Don't steal his food Jae."

Jae: *Looks back at Brian and smirks* "So then can I steal food from Wonpil or Dowoon?"

Brian: "Th-that's not wh-what I meant.."
Brian: "No. Get your own food."

Jae: "Fine.. I won't take it, this time."

Brian: "Promise to not steal anything else?"
Brian: "Jae, promise to stop stealing stuff."

Jae: "I promise..."

Brian: "Good." *Drags him by the wrist to sit on the couch*
Brian: "Thank you." *Drags him by the wrist to sit on the couch*

Jae: *Falls on the couch dramatically and laughs*

Brian: *Sits down next to him and gives him a weird look*
Brian: *Sits down next to him and tries to ignore it*

Jae: "Speaking of Wonpil and Dowoon, do you know where they are?"

Brian: "No clue."
Brian: "How am I supposed to know?"

Jae: *Shrugs* "They'll be here for dinner though."

Brian: "If you're that hungry where you're just thinking about food, go eat something in the pantry."
Brian: "Go eat something if all you're thinking about it food."

Jae: "I ate not too long ago, I'm fine, thanks. And plus, annoying you is more enjoyable then eating."

Brian: *Sighs and gives him an annoyed look*
Brian: *Gives him an annoyed look*

Jae: "Ouch, you don't have to be so harsh!"

Brian: "Then stop teasing."
Brian: "Then don't be ridiculous."

Jae: "What about flirting?" *Gives him a smirk*

Brian: "Please don't start."
Brian: "Jae!!"

Jae: "I thought it was obvious enough that I was into you."

Brian: *Looks away from him and turns bright red*
Brian: *Stares at the floor and turns bright red*

Jae: "God, that was easier than I thought.."

Brian: "What?"
Brian: ......

Jae: "To, y'know, confess subtly." *Looks away in embarrassment and turns pink*

Brian: "It's okay.."
Brian: "O-oh.. Uhmm...."

Jae: "Nevermind, it doesn't matter."

Brian: "Yeah."
Brian: "No, it does matter, it just threw me off."

Jae: "I'm sorry, just ignore what I said."

Brian: "Okay then."
Brian: "No, don't apologize, and relax."

Jae: *Nods slowly*

Brian: "Honestly, I don't feel that way for you..."
Brian: "Honestly, I feel the same for you.."