Would Jeremy date you?

Would Jeremy date you?

Okay guys ^-^ just wanted to do this but let's see if little cute Jeremy here will date you Jeremy: *blushes* m-m-moom... D-dont e-embarass m-me... Awww I'm sorry jerebear... Jeremy: m-mom! Hehe sorry

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Hey guys! So jeremy and I are gonna take turns asking questions is that ok? BTW this doesn't affect your scores

Yea it's fine
Me: great! ^-^
Me: :3 yay
No! -_-
Me: rude.... We're doing it

Okay jerebear! You go first!
Jeremy: o-okay m-mom d-do you l-l-like a-anime/m-manga?
Awwww I know I love anime hehe

me: XD same but keep it down
we wouldnt wanna scare
You: oh sorry Jeremy
Jeremy: it's o-ok
I like manga they're cool
I don't neither of them -_- and
jeremy stop stuttering it's
Me: ಠ_ಠ he can't help it! He's a
shy type so why don't you go
shove a carrot up your ass
You: 0_0 rocky calm down...
Me: -3- don't insult my son then

Alright now what's your favorite color? And I don't even give a fùck anymore to those of you who hate it and if you wanna come at me do it then I'm not afraid!


Okay jerebear your turn!
Jeremy: o-ok m-mom
Jeremy: d-do y-y-you l-l-like m-my m-mom?

Yea she's cute!
Me: *blushes* well thank you!
^-^ but sadly this isn't about me
Jeremy: y-y-yea m-my mom i-is
She's a good friend
Jeremy: o-okay
I hate her -_-
Me:3: what did i-._. Oh... My
quiz right...

Hmmm.. Jerebear what do you say we do a little rp?
Y-y-yea t-that w-would be f-fun!
Okay then what do you say?

Me: well too bad! You're going
to anyways!

You were walking around in the pizzeria when you heard someone scream so you quickly ran towards the scream and saw someone hiding behind a chair. You walked towards him and hugged him, you felt a hug back and smiled. You then realized that this was jeremy that you were hugging so you smiled even more and let go.

You ok jeremy?
Jeremy: y-y-yea.... J-j-just a n-
Hi jeremy!
Jeremy: h-h-hi...
Jeremy: o-okay...? T-thats k-
kind of c-creepy

Well wasn't that fun? ^-^
Jeremy: *nods slowly*
*pats his head* anyways that's it guys!

Awww okay bye rocky bye
Me: bye!