Which Trauma Team Character Are You?

Maybe you don't know what Trauma Team is, but I sure do! Besides, maybe you'll cherish your given character so much that you'll find a copy of Trauma Team and play it and love it, too! I want to see another Trauma Team fan, so please consider it! Please answer honestly, nobody likes liars!

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Which Trauma Team Character Are You?
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If someone was dying from a mysterious virus, what would you do?

You would immediately help them, operating on them without giving up.
You would immediately push the crowd of people gathering out of the way, yelling, and help them without
needing any aid from your colleagues.
You would just wait until you could figure out what this virus is until helping.
You would call out and get more help from your friends while trying to concentrate at the task at hand.
You would help them immediately, graceful and with care, without needing any help and working
You would immediately search for clues, trying to figure out what's happening instead of actually helping
the people dying. But you're still helping, right?!

If somebody was trying to flirt with you, what would you do?

You would thank them and say you're flattered, although you're the complete opposite of flattered.
You would be intrigued by the flirting and start flirting as well. But it has to go your way!
You would crack a sarcastic joke about the flirting and walk away.
You would thank them, flattered, but not exactly feeling romantic.
You would politely thank them, but tell them you're not interested.
Depending on the person, you would either flirt back a little or completely ignore them.

If your pet went missing, what would you do?

You would immediately try and search for it for as long as it takes.
You would wave posters in people's faces, over-reacting and searching frantically for your pet.
You would try and search for it, but you would give up and buy another after a while.
You would search for it, putting up posters, calling its name out, while still remaining completely calm.
You would buy another pet if you didn't find it, although you'd still miss it dearly.
You would gather clues to help find your pet.

What would you do if someone threw up blood on you?

You wouldn't care, and you would immediately try and help the person.
You'd be completely grossed out, not even sparing a single thought about the person's health until your
temper goes down a little.
You'd make a joke about it, then try and clean yourself up and get a nurse to help the person.
You would remain calm and try and ask the person if they were okay.
You would not care, you can buy new clothes anyways! You crouch down on the floor and check the
person's vitals, then help.
You would clean yourself up with a disgusted facial expression, and you would gather clues on why the
person threw up blood.

Final Question! What kind of person do you THINK you are?