Which Band/Artist Should You Listen To?

Which Band/Artist Should You Listen To?

this is just a selection of my favorite bands and artists that i think would be good for you to listen to! u better listen to em

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How well do you think you know yourself?

More than anyone
knows me.
I don't know myself
that much.
Pretty well.
Not at all.
A lot. Mainly because I
spend so much time
thinking about me.
I know myself well
enough to make the
right decision for me.

How many people are you close to/friends with?

Very few.
I'm friends with all!
I only have one
friend/person I trust.
I don't have people I'm
close with, but I have
something of an
Not too many, not too
I'm too trusting, so
everyone, I suppose.

How often do you get out? (Exercising, partying, etc.)

I go out but it drains
I'm the party
I'm outgoing, but I
prefer to stay home
and unwind.
Not often. I don't like
going out.
Quite often, but enough
to recuperate.
If I'm alone, I don't go. I
need my friends.

What type of music do you like?

Hard rock, baby!
Jazz or classical.
Anything to get me

What colors do you like out of these? (Sorry about this, snee snee)

All of ‘em/None of em.

An ideal workspace for you would be...

Anywhere with natural
light/anywhere where
I’m in tune with my
Anywhere where I can
be alone or with
another person.
Anywhere where I can
be all over the place
with no issue.
Anywhere where I can
be in tune with
where I can
enhance my abilities.
Somewhere loud and
boisterous/I need
distraction often.
spontaneous and
free/A place I won’t be

For a pick-me-up when you’re tired, what do you go to?

Any alcohol/drugs.
I hang out by myself to
get rejuvenated.
Coffee, always.
My bed.
Somewhere where my
mind can have a break.
Tired? I’m never tired.

What words describe you the most?

Misunderstood yet
Regal and fun yet
Friendly and talkative
yet naive.
Peppy yet easily
Silent and moody yet
Odd and quirky yet fun
to be around.

How judging are you? (Be honest.)

I won’t judge unless I
know the other through
and through.
I judge based on the
interior first rather than
the exterior.
I won’t judge unless
they give me a reason.
I try not to judge at all,
but I slip up.
I judge based on the
exterior first rather than
the interior.
I judge a lot based on
my personal standards.

Choose a spirit animal/an animal you wish you could be or look like.

A hedgehog, armadillo,
or turtle. They can hide
when things get too
intense for me.
A squirrel, rabbit, or any
type of rodent. They
can run away pretty
A lion, tiger, or any big
cat. They rule all in
their domain.
A bear, stallion (horse),
or a fox. They look
regal yet are very
powerful and graceful.
A pigeon, raven, or any
type of bird. They have
a different
perspective on the way
we live.
A dog, wolf, or any
canine. They’re loyal
and protective yet fun-

What’s a constant mood for you? (Be honest!)

Angsty, tired, and
I want to be alone
Horny on main most of
the time/Horngry
I don’t know what I’m
doing with my life
I can’t focus anymore
I forgot how to do basic

A constant fear?

I’ll have to live my life
with no privacy or
anyone to relate to.
I’ll be alone with no
My creative juices will
run dry.
I’ll have no purpose
I’ll be surrounded
around too many
I’ll be a victim of
unrequited love.
I have no fear/I fear the

Last query: Which quote do you like to the most?

"You can't fire me
because I quit / Throw
me in a fire, I won't
throw a
"Staring up into the sky,
oh my my / A solar
system that fits in your
"I don't know what to
do about this dream
and you / I wish this
dream comes true"
"Can't believe it's true /
The things that you do
to me"
"If loving you's a felony
now / Then I'm a
"If I can't go to heaven /
Will they let me go to
“Some say man ain’t
happy truly / Unless a
man truly dies”
“Wish away / The soul
is cheap”
“Do you think you’re
better everyday? / No, I
just think I’m two steps
nearer to my grave”
“Stranger things could
never change my mind
/ I gotta take it on the
other side”
“Kinda counted on you
to be a friend / Gotta
give it up or give it
“Every time we try we
get nowhere / Wouldn’t
it be nice if we were
just normal people?”