Which Cliche Are You?

Which Cliche Are You?

I personally take joy (and annoyance) in finding common cliches in writing. So I thought it would be funny to exaggerate real people instead of characters and hold those exaggerations to the same standard. This quiz is meant as a joke, and I'm not actually attacking anyone or their writing. (Qfeast won't let me use accents, so please don't cringe at the improper spelling of "cliche" like I am.)

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Who are you in your friend group?

I don't have a friend group. I'm a loner.
The child-like one that everyone thinks is cute.
I'm the ringleader.
I'm the one that makes everyone feel better about themselves with my positive attitude and witty humour.
I'm the love-doctor.
I'm the shoulder for everyone to cry on.
I'm the quiet one in the group that everyone secretly hates.

How do you feel about yourself?

I'm fine. It's other people that need to change.
I like myself, but I feel like I'm not letting myself do as much as I want.
I'm really insecure and feel awful about myself.
My ego is bigger than the solar system.
I used to feel insecure about myself, but I'm gaining more and more and more confidence every day.
I love myself and I'm proud of the person I've become.
I think I'm a decent person, but I have a lot of flaws.

What does your gender expression typically consist of?

I'm a man, but I'm soft and kind.
I'm a man, and I pride myself on how manly I am. I am walking testosterone.
I don't identify or express myself as either gender.
I'm the most feminine guy you'll ever meet.
I'm the most feminine girl you'll ever meet. I killed all my brain cells with texting and perfume.
I'm a girl, but I'm more of a tomboy than a girly-girl. I'd rather play video games than go shopping. I have a brain instead of boobs.
What's gender lol?
I'm a loud, proud, feminist woman!

What are your views on love?

Love isn't for me. I'm too broken.
Love is awesome! Marriage is all I've ever dreamed of!
I don't really care about relationships. I'm waiting for the right person/I just want to have a lot of friends.
I've slept with almost everyone I know, but I'd never ACTUALLY settle down for someone.
I'm the kind of person that encourages my friends to pursue love, but I like to stay single.
I'm a really romantic person. I want to find my soulmate and give them the best life they could imagine.

How would you describe your current lifestyle?

I hate my life. Everyone around me is an idiot.
I love my life because everyone loves me.
My life is awesome! I have a ton of friends who all accept me for who I am.
My life is like a constant party.
My life is really hard, but I'm strong enough to get through it.
I'm still exploring everything.
My life is good, but a little bit lonely.

If you had to pick a vague personality description, which of the following would you pick?

I'm quiet, reserved, caring, and affectionate.
I'm a fun-loving, sassy, party animal. But that sometimes makes me obnoxious.
I'm witty, sarcastic, and I say obtuse things all the time in good nature.
Lol what personality? I'm just mean to people who aren't exactly like me.
I'm not like other girls. I don't wear makeup, I wear pants and not skirts, and value my brains over my beauty.
I'm really sweet, pure, and innocent.
I'm dark, anti-social, and dangerous. I hate people.

What genre do you think your life would fall into?

Some kind of sci-fi dystopia.
A romantic comedy.
Some kind of action or adventure.
Reality TV.
Drama or soap opera.
A chick-flick.
A romantic tragedy.

How do your peers feel about you?

They all hate me. But I don't care.
I'm generally well-liked.
Most people hate me and I try not to let it get to me. I have a few good friends and they're all I need.
I'm everyone's favourite person.
Everyone who isn't homophobic likes me.
I can be somewhat obnoxious, but most people like me.
I tend to fade into the crowd.

How much makeup do you wear regularly?

A LOT! I probably won't be able to pay for college because of how much makeup I buy.
I only wear makeup to cover up scars and bruises.
I'm a guy, and I don't think makeup suits me.
I'm a girl, and I don't think makeup suits me.
I wear a little bit of makeup, but it's not that noticeable.
I wear really bright lipsticks, but that's it.
I wear a lot of makeup despite being male. Screw gender roles!

What are your views on western society?

I think western society has a lot of problems, but there are far worse places to be.
Western society still has a lot of biases meant to shame its people.
Western society is gradually becoming more and more accepting of minorities.
The west is the best : )
Western society is crumbling apart but nobody seems to care.
I think western society has abandoned some of its traditional values.
Western society was always problematic. People are only waking up now.

What does your diet and exercise routine look like?

I'm a huge gym-bunny. I have the body of an NFL athlete.
I only eat sweets and I never exercise, but I still manage to stay skinny.
I try to take care of my health, but I have to treat myself every now and then. Even if it means I have a bit of chub. At least I'm not made of plastic.
I'm a girl and my physical appearance is literally all I care about.
I'm a guy and my physical appearance is literally all I care about.
I'm fat and proud.
I have a pretty good diet and I exercise a lot, but I don't like to brag about it.