Superhero who are you or alike

Superhero who are you or alike

In this quiz it will tell you what superhero you are like or what superhero you are and what your special power is in life and please comment on this quiz with feedback or other info for me to improve my next quizzes please enjoy

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How would you spend your day off or on your long break?

Go to get food and
spend time with
your loved ones
Spending time with
all my friends who
are girls/boys and
hitting the town
Going on the computer and updating your status Facebook or twitter etc
Fighting with your friends hitting the clubs going on a nice run reading a book
Excercising keeping in shape and help others even though you do not know them or hum or her chilling at home watching TV

What powers do you want to have in life to help others or yourself?

Speed running faster than anything in the world
Electricity stop anything in your way and sending shockwaves any distance
Tech a genius who can solve anything any puzzle or mystery
Sorcery making others obey your command forming new spells for different adventures
Heat vision strike anything with the hottest beam ever strike fear into your worst enemies

Where would you live if you had a choice to go anywhere?

In the city continuing pn with your daily life
A secret hideout you only know and is filled with everything you want
On a island hidden away from the world only friends and family can come and go as they please
A nice house in a suburban area where it is nice and quiet
In a mansion that is only open to you and family

What villian is your enemie or your favorite super villian?

The joker filled with tricks and plans up his sleeve
Soloman grundy filled with rage with no soul
Capt boomerang with his boomerangs full of danger and twist
Lex luthor the guy who is trying to be president smand will try to rule the world
Circe a powerfull goddess with sorcery and will summon servants to do her bidding

Who would you like to be your superhero personality or inner strength?

Flash love the need for speed
Superman the most strongest superhero out there
Wonderwoman the most prettiest superhero out there who knows how to kick butt
Hawk girl with your mace you can spare and kill only thise who learned
Batman using tricks and tools to trick my enemies

What weapon do you want what weapon matches your personality?

A shiny golden mace filked with electricity
A dual weild using 2 small swords at the same time
A staff filled with speed to move so your enemies cannot see what is coming
A cross bow shoot far distance and will cause damage to anyone killing your opponent
A sword to cut through anything

What team would you want to have who do you want

Superman, supergirl aquaman, red tornado , green lantern
Wonderwomen, black canary, batwomen, huntress, fire
Batman,wild cat, vigilante, green arrow
Hawk girl,Steel, jhon jones martian manhunter, hawk,dove
Flash, star girl, boister gold, vixen, doctor fate

What would you do if you betrayed the justice league?

Go back to the island where i can be with all my family
Fly to another planet and stay there for a little bit
Take off and go back to your secret hideout
Join another team and fight with them
Go become a proffessional athlete

Why do you want to be this superhero what do you think of this hero?

I do it because what happened to my planet was sad and i want to make sure it does not hapoen here
To show other people that you misunderstood me and that i am bigger and better than all of you
To make the world different and live using tech and money to make this world better
To make peace and bring joy to everyone and tranquility
I do it because i want to i want to prove my abilities.

Did you enjoy this are you excited for your answer?

Yes loved it goid job
Great i really want to know my answer
Kind of a little off not what i was looking forward to but i enjoyed it
No needs work
I do not know but it was ok