Are you a troll?

Are you a troll?

Take this quiz to see if you're an annoying troll or not. Enjoy it! (((

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When other people on the Internet tell you to stop spamming them, what do you do?

Spam them a little more then start another spamming frenzy on someone else.
Apologize and move on.
I would never spam anyone because I care about how they feel. And I never
spammed anyone ever.
I don't care! I'm going to spam them until I get bored.

Are you the cyberbully? (Be honest. We've done it a little before.)

Heck yeah, and I'm proud!

If someone was being trolled, what would you do?

Report them quickly and then tell them (politely) to stop.
I'll be the one trolling them!
Nothing. It isn't my business.
I'd be the one trolling them. but if they ask me to stop, I'll stop.

If someone was sending inappropriate things out to people, what would you do?

Report them and then block them.
I'll be the one sending out inappropriate things! It's just too funny!
I wouldn't do that, but it isn't my problem unless they send it to me.
Nothing. I could care less about it.

If you were reading gossip about yourself and others, how would you feel?

I don't care.
Hurt that the person decided to be immature and post false information about others.
I'd be the one to post the gossip!
It'd be offensive, but it wouldn't matter. I'll just troll them back.

If someone made an inappropriate joke/comment on an innocent post/page, how would you feel and what would you do?

I'd spam their walls until they stop.
I'd politely ask them to stop, and if they don't, I'll block them.
I'd be the one to do that! I love seeing their reactions.
I'd tell them to stop and that's it.

(Last Question.) Would you apologize if you spam someone accidentally?

Oh, yes! Of course! It's be rude and inconsiderate for me not to.
I already spam without apologizing, so why should I?
Yeah, I mean, I guess. I wouldn't have any feeling put into it, I'll just put "Sorry," or
"My bad,".
Nah. I mean, it wouldn't add up. I'm a troll and trolls don't say sorry.