Carbon Crossfire Ranking

Find our which ranking you are in the most dangerous gang in Iowa right now.. Note: Carbon Crossfire is a real gang in the Iowa/Nebraska area

published on August 19, 20155 responses 0

How Old are you?


How much do you know about crime

A lot!
Many things about it
I know some stuff about it
A little bit
i know nothing about it

Would you sacrifice your life for someone you know or don't know

I would risk my life for anyone standing in my role, or supports me
I would risk my life for anyone who is my friend or anyone who respects me
I would risk my life for friends and family
I would but i wouldn't be brave about it
I wouldn't risk my life for anyone

If you saw your fellow gang member getting attacked in any way.. What would you do?

Fight their members until they stop and help him/her when they run
I would fight them and then ask if he/she is ok
Try and shoo them away from him/her
See the action but get away from it
Ignore it

Do you like handling responsibility

Yes! I am a very responsible person
Yes, I can handle a lot of responsibility
Yes, I can handle some responsibility but some so much
I can handle very little
I can't handle responsible

What is your opinion on gangs

I see their reason why they do what they do
I respect them and understand kind of
I respect them but don't know why they do what they do
Neutral about them/ don't mind
Don't respect them

On a scale of 1-5.. how do you rate your bravery


On a scale of 1-5.. How do you rate your skills


Do you have strong feelings

Not really. i try not to have feelings
I have very few feelings
Yes. I have to have a feeling about everything

On a scale of 1-5. How good did you think you did rank wise

5 (best or second best)
4 (third or fourth)
3 (fifth or sixth)
2 (seventh or eighth)
1 (ninth or worst rank)