WWFFY part 1(read description)

WWFFY part 1(read description)

Okay guys so I just had an idea to make a wwffy with my human OCS so there's kenali, rocky, vix and delcia but anyways I hope that you guys enjoy!

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you were just walking home from school when you see a flash of 4 girls run in front of you, your eyes widened and you started to run away from them but no matter how fast you ran they always ended up flashing in front of you and you tripped over a tree stump and fell into a world but you could choose which one you wanted to go to and the one you chose was:

black butler

(If you chose creepypasta): you fell down and woke up to see a forest surround you so you got up and walked around but your eyes widened when you saw a mansion so you walked up to it and knocked on the door. A tall man with no face answered the door and offered for you to come in, you nodded and went in but only to see two girls fighting over a knife, one had a red hoodie and the other one had a blue dress with black tights. You immediately walked off not wanting to disturb them. "Why were those two fighting?" You thought to yourself "also that girl with the (blue dress or red hoodie you can pick) was kind of cute" you were still thinking to yourself and you went outside for a walk.

Who's the girl in the blue
Me: kenali
Who was the girl in the red
Me: vix
I didn't choose creepypasta

(if you chose fnaf): you landed on a hard floor and realized that you were in a pizzeria so you stood up and wondered around and saw kids all over the place and someone came running at you and pinned you down while someone threw a frisbee your way. your eyes widened as the female nekoed raccoon saved you from getting hit by that "thx for saving me from that... uh.." "rocky and your welcome" she stated her name for you and went back to work. you smiled and walked up to her "hey rocky its nice to meet you i`m y/n" you told her and she smiled brightly "hey y/n wanna do the night shift with me tonight?" she asked and your eyes widened but you slowly nodded your head. "right then follow the tail" rocky started running and you ran after, and followed her tail. when you walked into an office you saw a man smoking a cigar and sitting back in his chair and you gulped because of how big he was. you heard rocky talking to him about having you work the night shift with her and you smiled when he accepted.

the night shift with rocky? 0-0
me: yup!
okay then... ._.
I didn't choose fnaf

(if you picked black butler): you fell in the middle of a town and your butt was hurting from the fall so you rubbbed it and you explored the town a little and you then realized that you were staring at a girl with someone who was little and you realized the little one was lizzy and your eyes widened when the older one looked at you with her crimson eyes so you quickly ran off and ended up at a mansion so you stared at it for a while until sebastian welcomed you to come in so you did and you were amazed at the scenery.

who was that girl though? 030
me: ._. delcia
nice place ciel!
ciel: ... thx....
me: ciel get out of here this is
not about you!
ciel: fine..... *walks away*
Didn't pick black Butler

errm... so i have to have more questions... but anyways how are you guys? :3 (btw these questions are`nt gonna effect your score)

me: thats good
me: ok

who do you hope to get?


alright cool! now this one will affect the score and don`t hat me for this -.- cause otherwise DELCIA!
delcia: *comes out with a demon sword* try me!
hehe anyways whats your favorite color?


niiiice! anywho thx delcia!
delcia: yup! *runs off*
okay so.... ummm.. heh...what are you doing?

me: ._.

alright guys thats all for this quiz! tell me if you want more alright? :3 i`ll be glad to make more oc wwffys i can`t do fandoms though they`re a little too hard for me to do but anyways hope you guys have a wonderful evening ^_^ later guys!

bye rocky!!!!
me: bye
see ya w-
me: seeyawouldntbeya
you: hey... i was gonna say that
me: i said it first hehe

One more thing be awesome! (; and have a wonderful evening and thx for the support!

Okay dokey