Wwffy- Secrets of another world -1-

Wwffy- Secrets of another world -1-

This is a SONIC Wwffy This includes some ocs of mine if you don't mine 7v7 (Lexi, Ruby, Cody, Brain) Ppl you can get are, Sonic, Tails, Sliver, Shadow I will have another quiz for the trouble makers soon after this one is done. I did this for fun, so you better have fun taking these quizzes :3 --- Y/N means your name F/C is ur fav color F/S is ur fav show F/A is fav animal F/A/S is fav anime show N/N is nickname

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You were sleeping peacefully, snuggled with your pillow on your bed with your cat, Tessa, sleeping on your head, again. Soon the peacefulness left because of your alarm clock that wakes you up every day at 9:00 in the morning. This time for some reason, it scarred you awake. You jumped up and Tessa jumped off of you and onto the pillow. Your breathing was deep and fast.

Oh Mai gurd!
Tessa! Are you ok?!
Hmm... *sleeply
rubs eyes*
... I think I forgot
to do my
homework last
night.. *laughs

Suddenly you realize it wasn't your alarm clock, it was your phone going off from your friend texting you. You pick up your phone and read the message.
'Ayyyy. N/N, wanna hang at the park with me and Rose?' Read the text from your friend, Luna.
you think for a moment, and smile, then whisper to yourself,

Yea.. I should go!
Hmm. I guess so..
Ehh... I guess...

You texted your friend saying you'd go. You sit up from your bed and look at the time. 8:49. You smile and stand up and stretch. Then you walked over to your alarm clock and,

*taps the snooze
*unplugs it*
*turns it off*

You got that done, and now your choosing your outfit to wear. You always where something casual, nothing to pretty, nothing to expressing. And nothing to short.

*chooses a shirt
with F/A/S
character on it,
with sweat pants
and a jacket*
*chooses a shirt
with a skull and
cross bones on it,
and long jeans*
*chooses a tank
top, with a long
*chooses a cap
that matches with
your shirt that has
a fox on it, with

After you got changed, you went into the bathroom, and brushed your hair, and brushed your teeth. Then you ran downstairs into the kitchen. You saw a note on the table, and you picked it up, and read it.
'Dear Y/N,
Me and your father went onto a vacation in Minnesota. We left you the right amount of food, and water, don't use to much WiFi and be safe.
Love you,
Mom and Dad~'
You snickered, "like I'm gonna use to much WiFi!" You said to yourself. Then you made something for yourself, you made...

Cereal... Ok maybe
I ate some Swiss
rolls... ((Lexi: I
...Chili Dogs...

After you ate, you grabbed your jacket, phone, headphones, and keys to your house. You walked out the door and on the way out you locked the door. While you were walking to the park, you plugged you Headphones into your phone and listened to your F/SO.

And that's... Look
How Far We've
Come by Imagine
That's Immortals
by Fall Out Boy.
My fav is Your
Gonna Go Far Kid,
by The Offspring.
That is Wicked
Wonderland, by
Martin Tungevaag!

As You walked you hummed along to the song. A couple minutes later, you saw your two friends, Luna and Rose, in te distance. A smile creeped onto your face. You loved your two best friends, you three tectnally did everything together. You felt yourself jogging toward your friends, smiling with glee.

Here I come
*humming gotta go
*smiling as running
to friends and
pretending to be
*slightly smiling
and running toward

Your two friends looked at you, and smiled, opening thier arms for you to jump in them. As you got closer you opened your arms and jumped into theirs, locking your arms around them. You all giggled, and laughed as you all spung around and fell onto the ground. You laughed, and so did Rose and Luna, and you sat up and got off of them cause you fell on top of them. They laughed as they sat up.

Well then ...
Lol that was fun!!
Lol *laughing*

All of your laughter lowered.
"So, Y/N. Sense there's no school, me and Rose decided to adventure! If you want that is.. We found a cool spot somewhere, and it's pretty cool an-"Luna started, but Rose intrupped. "And Pretty!" Rose giggled.
You smile and say, "

Oh of course we
can adventure!
That'll be fun!"
Yep! That sounds
Yea! Totally! We
can adventure!
Adventure is my
middle name!!"
Sure, I don't

They both nod and grab your hand, and start running, dragging you. They laugh and run through the woods. They stop at a water fall that looked like there was something be hind the waterfall. "Follow Luna, she'll show the rest." Rose told you, and you do so, following Luna. Luna walked over to the waterfall and walked through, into another area. You followed with Rose behind you. Luna led you and Rose through a damp tunnel, and soon a exit appeared into the clearing. Luna, you and Rose walked through it, and at the other side of the exit, a clearing of flowers, and a lake with a cherry tree by it. It looked very pretty too. You thought., '

It's Not that bad
Looks so freaking

You all walked over to the cherry tree and sat under it. Luna then pulled three 3DS' from her pocket. "Look what I have!!"
You all smiled and played Sonic Colors together.
Suddenly the ground started shaking.

W..Whoa! What's
What's happening?!
I..Is this an

A bluish portal appeared out of nowhere, and a Robot big flying robot came out of it. Then a Flying little ship came out of the portal, with a fat, bald man flying it. Luna gasped and whispered something to herself but you couldn't hear. The man spotted you three, and spoke something onto the microphone. "Lexi? Did you bring the girl like I asked?" Luna stood up, and pushed a button on her watch that's on her wrist. You looked at her and now Luna looked like a dog, with a black jacket, a dark purple shirt with a yellow lightning bolt on the middle, blue pants, and no shoes. She stood on her two legs like a human does, and she had yellowish fur with a white tail and white in other places. She smirked at you, and nodded to the bald man. "Yes. Yes I did."


You gasped at the site of this 'Lexi'. Rose then came into view, she was a yellow played cat with spots on her, which was simialr to a leopard, and she had her hair up, blue eyes, with a green shirt with a purple star on it, with blue shorts and black boots. "Lexi?! You work for that... Egghead?!"
Lexi glanced at Ruby and nodded. Then, Lexi grabbed your arm and forced you to stand up. Suddenly a metal hand grabs you, and Lexi smirks at you and waved her hand as you felt the hand dragging you to the floating robot. Lexi flicked her fingers and a hover board appeared in her hand, and she set it down and jumped onto it and she let it float up toward the man. "Yo egghead! I'm going to the dang lab!" She said as she flew into the portal. The man rolled his eyes, and flew into the portal after her, and the robot slowly followed him. Before you got into the portal, you see Rose skating on ice, Ice forming in front of her and disappearing behind her. She got closer and leaped into the portal.

Noo! I wanna go
home please!!
Stop! Let me go!
Please let go!
Let go before I try
to kill you!

You see the world fade as you and the robot enter the portal. And soon you faint because of how scarred you were.

NOOO- *faints*
*crying while