Animal spirits what is yours?

Animal spirits what is yours?

Here is my new quiz that will tell you what your spirit animal is spirit animals are real they have been around a lot but its hard unlocking your spirit you have to earn this spirit you have to believe and wait patiently fir your spirit to come to you enough about that i hope you enjoy

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What is your personality what are the traits that you carry

courage, strength
in overcoming
Freedom speed
calm adventerous
Grateful joy perfect excited fun
Serious trustworthy kind happieness
Outgoing quiet loner playful lovable

What do you do on lazy days when your on a break

Chilling on the couch eating food and watching TV
Outside going on a small run and eating a lot of healthy foods to stat in shape
Sitting on the balcony abd looking at the beautiful sky and sleeping
Playing with friends and eating sleeping
Going on a short walk to get some fresh air and to go to the store for groceries etc

What animals do you like what are you most interested in

Cocateels parrots small birds
Peacock swan ostrich
German shepards poodles dingos
Fouls prairie dogs deer elk
Bob cat pussycat kitten

What style fits you what is your favorite style of clothing to wear

Anything as long as im comfortable

What would you like your animal spirit to be what animal do you love


What are you good at in life

Hanging out

Do you like this so far

Kind of
Yeah 50 50

What would you do if you were being followed and you start running and they start too

Stand my ground fight back
Hide in a bush until he/she passes
Get to the nearest house and stay there until someone comes to get you
Keep running until i get to my house
Start screaming and running through the night until someone come

What abilities do you want what will fit your hobbies

Loud roar strength endurance
Flight loud shriek acrobatics
Immortal glide heal quickly
Strong legs movable hair mind of its own
Superspeed high jumps loud howl