Are you too cool for school?

What is your reputation at school? Nerdy? Jock? Popular? Pretty? Normal?

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What is your fav movie?

Packer games
Fashion shows

Your crush just asked you to hang out. Awesome! Or is it? You promised your friend that you would help her/him with a project. What would you do?

Stay with your
plans with your
Stay with your
friend but asks
your crush out
some other time
Ditch your friend
and head with your

The football team is playing. Where are you found?

Playing on the field.
In the library

You spilled spaghetti sauce all over your fav shirt!

Eh! Who cares?
Just clean it up
with napkin
Ewwww! Gotta get
a new shirt. Aww!

You see someone fall off her/his chair. What do you do?

Laugh your head
off. Duh
Snicker but still
point at her/him
Help her/him up
and quickly walk

Do you like baseball?

Sports? No!
Eh. Whatever
Yah! Hell yeah!

Do you hate fashion?

No! Fashion is my
Eh. I don't care
about fashion
Who doesn't?

If your choose blossom queen, what would you do?

Not a big deal
Surprised. Your so
Biggest deal ever!