Does He Like You? (26)

Does He Like You? (26)

Not all answers will be 100%, take the quiz for fun but not for guidance.

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We've talked

All the time!
Yes, as friends of course.
Does friends with benefits count?

He talks about other girls

When we talked, he did.. (He hangs out with girls, so I would assume)

He's blocked you

Once, or twice.

This boy usually;

Seems to avoid me at all costs.
Enjoys me being around.
I dunno? We're okay with each others company, he likes being friends.

Are you considered likeable?

Idk, Yeah?

Have you confessed your feelings, and what was his reaction.

I have, and he reacted very awfully.
I have, and he quickly said he doesn't like me back.
I haven't.
I have, and he said he liked me back. But that was a while ago.
I have and he said he likes me!
I have and he said he love(s)(d) me!

He texts me;

All the time

He talks to other girls, in a weird way.

(All the time!) (Not really, he flirts with one girl a lot) (Etc.)
No. Not really. He only talks to friends.
No. He only talks to me.

He's admitted his feelings

We don't ever talk
Once, a long time ago
No, but we talk.
Yes, all the time!