Which Hollywood Undead Member are you

Which Hollywood Undead Member are you

Ever wondered which hollywood undead member you area? Well you are about to find out

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What is your temper like

I am a calm person
If you rile me up I'll go loco
I try to hold my anger in
I control my temper
I hate everything about life and this world
When someone tries to rile me up I snap back in a smooth way
I don't share about my temper
I control my temper when someone riles me up

Do you drink?

I don't drink much
I drink too take pain away
I only drink at parties
I drink to get with the ladies
I drink to feel good
I drink to get wild
I drink all the time party or not!
I drink if my friends are

Are you depressed?

Yes.. I hate life
No.. but I think I understand my friends that are
Can't say I am.. But I'm not so happy about life either
No not at all
Yes.. but I don't talk about that much
No.. not at all and the people that are needs to notice that life is awesome
No but I try to help the people that are
Kind of

What do you like doing in your free time?

I love partying with my friends
Spending time with friends
Roaming the streets
Talking to girls
Chilling at home
going to parties alone
Roaming the streets with my friends

Do you like social Media

I'm too busy being with my friends to be on all that jazz
Ya.. I get on it sometimes
Of course.. If my friends are on it
No I really don't.. Drama is not good for me
Sometimes.. I get on it to just explore
I love social media sites.. Especially when your friends are on it
Ya.. Its pretty cool
No not really.. I don't like it.. don't dislike it

What would be your favorite istrument

Maybe some techno to mix with my voice just to sound cooler
Techno computer music
I don't like music
My voice

Do you have a relationship

Never thought about it
Heck no.. I'm not getting married
I am looking
eh.. hoes are all I need
I'm a loner
I have a girlfriend
Its been getting to me kind of
I'm married

What do you think about weapons

Don't really care for them
Only for self-defense
Never really thought about it
I love them.. I think guns are awesome
They are useful sometimes
Guns are cool I guess
Ya.. guns are awesome if you use them for the right reason
I don't like them