what type of qfeaster are you? (2)

what type of qfeaster are you? (2)

lol updated one from wolfie, um this includes users ranging from "incredibly cringey" to "incredibly arrogant"

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what do you like to do on here?

i spam all my followers with my
fandoms, i like making alot of
roleplay pages, and i really like
making stories about my roleplay
adventures and my ocs
i like talking to my friends, maybe
roleplay once and a while, maybe
post abot my fandoms
i usually rant alot and throw shade
at ppl. i talk to my friends who are
in my following list and post my
fandoms rarely
i help ppl alot and usually talk to
my friends who are in my following
list, but of course im open to
anyone. maybe have a page for
my fandoms.
uhh i rarely ever post and just
lurke people's walls. maybe talk to
my friends if they're even still on
this site haha

how much drama are you in?

alot, but i usually dont start it/im
related to the drama
maybe ill defend a people,
probably will end up in it
i usually start in and im not really
usually helping out the person who
starts the drama/not in it

interests/fandoms? (pick whatever applies to you)

sonic, youtube gaming, mlp,
undertale, hamilton, video games,
animee, stuff along those lines
hamilton, heathers, rwby,
homestuck, video games, anime,
stuff along those lines
aesthetics (not rlly a fandom
though), video games, drawing,
musicals, drama, stuff along those
aesthetics (again not rlly a
fandom), anime, music, writing,
helping others, etc etc,
anything really, mostly all of these

type of friends?

we all kind of gossip and speak
about other qfeasters
omg we all ship and talk about our
fandoms and roleplay
uhh im friends with anyone really
kind of all of the above
they're all gone woops/not that

maturity level

kind of depends on the situation
lol most of the time its not there
mature to a extent
always mature

what do you make on qfeast

i used to make alot of "everything"
but recently stopped
i make stuff for rep points
usually make stuff for rep points if im desperate
nothing, maybe an occasional story

who do you follow

alot of people
still cleaning my following list, but my friends
people who are worthy
my friends
anyone really

do you use XD?

i kinda overuse it XD
i used to use it alot but now i stopped
ew no
lol sometimes