Which Harlots character are you?

Which Harlots character are you?

Find out which Harlots character you're most like. Not all charaters are included, so I might create a second part. Also, sorry it's really short.

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What's one positive thing about you?

I'm nice/caring.
I help as many people as I can.
I may have an attitude
occasionally but I am nice to
people when I need to be.
I don't care what anyone thinks
about me.
I am a powerful person in my
I don't think there is one...
I'm beautiful, I have good
None of these apply to
A mix of these.

What's one negative thing about yourself?

I'm very bitchy.
I can be a brat. At least
according to some people.
I'm too busy or I have other
things to do, I never have
enough time for myself/my
I have been known to lie and
steal things.
I'm a bit narcissistic to be
honest. I just think I'm perfect.
Sometimes I don't feel good
enough for anyone. I feel pretty
bad about some things.
I'm not as grateful as I should
None of these apply to
A mix of these.
I'm just toxic and I accuse
people of things they don't do.

What time period is your favourite?

Current time period.
1400s or earlier
I don't like any of these
choices! >:[

What class are you in?

I'm so poor, rats are my friends.
I'm super rich.
It shouldn't matter.
I'm wealthy enough.
At least I have a place to stay...
I'm about average.
I'm wishing I was richer.

Which food do you enjoy the most?

The souls of my enemies.
Something simple such as a homemade stew.
Forget food, give me alcohol.
Fresh vegetables and fruits.
Cheese, whine, bread, etc.
Sweet biscuits.

If someone stole all the money you worked hard for, what would you do?

Find out who stole it and get it back.
*something too violent to say*
As if anyone would steal from me.
Be extremely angry but let it go.
Start over and make more.
Somehow get revenge or make sure nobody would steal from you again.
Find a better hiding place, duh.

If someone spreads a rumour about you, what would you do?

Shrug it off.
Get angry and find out who started it.
Laugh about it. Who knows, it might be true.
Wonder why someone would lie about things.
Ignore it.
Nobody would spread rumours about me.
Feel sad about it but move on.