What Cave Story Character Will Most Likely Be Your Friend?

What Cave Story Character Will Most Likely Be Your Friend?

Which Cave Story character will like you the most? (it's my favorite game, by the way. And only the good guys for this one.)

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Hello, welcome to my quiz!

Sure thing! I'm (y/n)!! Nice to meet ya! I'm sooooo happy to be here! What's your
name? Haha!
Hi, I guess.
H-Hi...*hides under a blanket* >.<
What do you want?

*clears throat and shuffles cards* Alright, Question 1! What do you find to be annoying?

Idiots without any common sense.
Oh my gosh, that is SO hard! I think it'll be nails against chalkboard! That's annoying!
And forks and plates scraping together, oh my gosh, so agitating! I hate it!
L-Loud people...

What's you favorite color out of these?

... [Red]
OMG, I have so many! I can't decide! That's so hard! Umm, I'll think about it!
What's it to you? [Blue]

Favorite foods?

What's food...?
(Me: Stop that!)
Flowers...the yellow kind...
HUMAN food.

What weapon do you prefer?

Guns! Lots of 'em! So pretty and shiny and kill foes like THAT!

(Me: I got my eyes on you...=_=)
My stick!
My fists!

If you were in the forest by yourself surrounded by enemies, what would you do?

Cower in fear and hope they don't hurt me!
Blast them up!
Fight with all of my heart!
I can take them all on!...okay, no I can't. RUN!

Which words appeals to you?

Loyalty and strength.
Happiness and fun!
Kindness and peaceful.
Stubborn and adventurous.
Quiet and introverted.

Which one would you rather have?

The straight-up truth.
Lies...the truth hurts my feelings...
An easy let down. It hurts when someone speaks the truth harshly.
I want the truth no matter what!
I don't want any, because they both hurt!

Do you have hope?

No. None at all.
Plenty! Of course!!! Who wouldn't?!
Ye...no...I mean...yes...I don't know...
Some, but not a lot.

How kind are you? [BE HONEST]

Depends on who it is.
Not at all!
I don't know...I'm nice to everyone, no matter what...
I'm not sure, but if someone messes with my friends, my cheerful attitude goes
... *shrugs*

Do you like fighting?

I'll fight for what's right in my eyes, but no, I do not.
Heck yeah! It's fun!
(Me: *shuns you*)
Not really.
If it's self-defense, then I have no choice.
N-No! *hides*

Alright, last question! What do you like to do in your free time (out of these)

Have fun/hang with friends/be social/be on social media
Be alone.
(Me: I'm with ya)
Read/nap/watch TV
Annoy my older/younger sibling/watch anime/sketch/do outside activities/debate