What would your typing quirk look like?

I didnt make that many results because qfeast gets slow when you do that, but i tried to make each typing style relate to the choices you pick so theyll reflect some of your personality A typing quirk is a creative style modified after your personality like an e-handwriting

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Destiny is decided by

No one.
The stars
Dice rolls
It was decided by God until 👁 took over as far as 👁 know
I dont know, I just play it by ear
the uwu's
My pp is the compass of my destiny B)
Mother earth and her wind

Finish the quote, "Ride like __ ___, bulseye!"

a bull
the kids in line for rough rider's coaster at coney island on july 27th 1915
an astral projectile
the wind
my ex
A PINEAPPLE! (sorry, im too random for these kinds of questions X3)
a scapegoat
a melody, bro
a hoe in a pg 13 sex scene in a watpad book

when you get the chance to show off your skills to people, you know they think you're kind of

smart and probably beating them all with grades in this class silently
absent minded
funny for being deeply knowledgable of an unquestionably useless subject
Brutally sexist

How would you dress if you could choose from any of these options?

Normally. A black t shirt and a jacket with my favorite band's logo on the
back since I get the chance to have that here
in a nice clean shirt, sweater vest, scarf, glasses.
a neutral colored skirt/pair of pants that blends with it.
in foreskin
like a witch
in a floofy dog ear headband, long sleeved shirt with a pink heart, color
changing eye contacts, a soft tail, fur boots that are more like floofy brown
socks with paw designed grippies on the bottom, and gloves. the top of
which are like soft fur. the bottom half is like a black, rough, and rubbery
texture with pink pads at the finger tips (only on the bottom)
in a wife beater, showing off my muscles
in an ice colored jacket zipped over my plain white dress. golden sandles
and a small silver star painted on my cheek
in a trenchcoat, panama or other 1920's era of hat, and shades
in the traditional style of a certain culture (however respectfully, or like, if i
dont need to be seen by anyone)

Which topic do you confidentally think you could take a test on right now and pass?

math, chaldean numerology, or computers
book characters
Criminology or any similarly morbid subject
Civil law
Music history

What sound would your personality make?

rock or (not just screaming) metal music
an 8 bit theme
the wails of a thousand compressed furbies
saxaphone or the sound of ice cooly spinning in a glass of water
similar sounds to the musical stylings of analcunt, a band in which you only
need the name of to envision
vibrant and spaced out celestial booms
the whistle and cohesion of ancient woodwind and sitar like instruments.
a nearly mute chimey hum every now and then

What kind of history are you interested in specifically?

music developement, instrumental developement
the interweb (creation of the internet but mostly old, captivating, horror-like
stories of f♤cked up people)
The history of ancient prophecies, the study to the reasons we as humans
created the bible, the qu'ran, or the torah specifically
space travel
lgbt history
language developement, lost languages, latin/greek root words
the russian government B)
Victorian ghost sightings and the publicity of hauntings throughout the
history of the treatment of the mute or mentally incapacitated

what do you wish your lungs were better suited for?

breathing in space or underwater
not wheezing with f♤cking sound when i have asthma/panic attacks
singing long, powerful notes
smoking so i didnt have to constantly cough ash
caging the souls i inhale from the innocent
sprinting long distances and jumping hurdles like an olympian or a horse
pronuncing hard languages like chinese, vietnamese, arabic, or any of the
west african ones
not me, but i wish my ex couldve been better at breathing th rough her nose
so she wouldnt choke on my *MAGNUM DONG* (picture flexing to go with
holding still so i can play dead

survey question (doesnt affect answer i just need a vote) but what did you think was the LEAST original question in this quizz?

What chooses destiny?
The cards against humanity like one called "finish the quote"
If you could dress like anything, what would it be?
How do people judge you after knowing what you're good at?
Which topic do you feel confident about taking a pop quiz on?
Sound of your personality
Which specific denomination of history are you interested by the most?
What do you wish your lungs were made to do?