Which cookie are you?

Which cookie are you?

Ok so of course I love cookies, so I just HAD to make this quiz. So see if you are a choco chip, peanut butter, or any other cookie! Have fun and LOVE cookies!

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Hi there! So first lets start off which greeting you would say to a bestie!

Hey!!! Wuzzup?
Hi wanna go grab some lunch?
Hey der
Hiya sweets!

Which outfit would you wear to a party?

Short and Colorful dress, some flats, and straight hair!
Long dress, high heels, and hair nice and long.
Oh ya know, a shirt, shorts or jeans, and shoes.
Tuxedo, pants, fancy shoes, and clean teeth.

Hmm, Fave color?

Yellow like the bright sun!

Which place would u like to go for a vaca?

New york

Favorite pizza?

Cheesy cheese cheese
Hawai pizza.
Pepparoni pizza