Are you wise?

Take the quiz and find out if you are wize. You most likely are, but just to make sure, take this quiz.

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Are you wise?

1. A man approaches your door with a package. You know it's not the mail man. The man leaves the box on your doorstep. You're parents aren't home. What do you do?

Go outside and pick up the box. Bring the box inside and wait to see if anything happens.
Pick up the box and bring it inside. Open it and see whats inside.
Call mom or dad and tell them what happened. Then ask them what to do.
Go out the back door and then out of the fence. Make your way to the neighbors and ask them what to do

2. A car has just crashed outside your house. You're parents rush out to help the drivers. You:

Run outside and watch mom and dad handle the situation.
Decide that since mom or dad didn't phone the hospital, you should do so now. Then watch out the window how mom and dad are handling the situation
Run outside and help the drivers out of the cars.
Run ouside with your parents and try to help the drivers. Not knowing what state they are in.

3. You walk into Walmart and see a woman getting slapped across the face by her husband. You:

Run over there and tell her husband not to do that ever again.
Run over to the man and slap him across the face. Then ask him how it feels.
Walk over to the woman and pull her away from the man. Then talk to her about how cruel the man was.
Ignore everything that happened.

4. You just finished watching hockey with your dad, when suddenly you and your dad both go for the remote control. You:

Scream And say, "Daddy! It's my turn to watch something!"
Say to him, "You had your turn to watch something. Now can I?"
Say to him, "Oh wait, is it really 6 o' clock? Okay, fine. You watch the news and then after that I will watch my shows."
Say to him, "You had your turn. My show is on right now, so please watch it?"

5. You and your bff are having a great time playing minecraft, when suddenly, he blows up your beautiful mansion. You:

Ask why he did that.
Scream and slap him
Start to cry, then hit him on the shoulder really hard.
Tell him how long it took you to build it, then ask if he can help you build it again.

6. Your mom just took away your phone because you we're very disrespectful to her. You:

Scream at her and say why she is a horrible mom. Then run up to your room.
Run away with your best friend (Who does everything you ask him to do)
You decide never to call her something rude again. Tell your mom your very sorry. Then ask for your phone back.
You decide to never say anything mean to her again, and tell her your very sorry. But you don't ask for your phone back.

7. Somebody found out the combo to your lock on your locker. You:

Go to the vice principal and tell him what happened.
Ask your friend to spy on the person who knows your combo.
Tell your friend and ask her for help.
Get the persons combo to their lock.

8. You decide to go skateboarding. While you're skateboarding, it starts to rain. You're not dressed for rain. You:

Run under a tree for shelter.
Pull your shirt over your head to protect you from the rain.
Run home.
Use your skateboard to shelter you from the rain.

9. You decide to sign up for volley ball every day after school. But you totally forgot that there is a test the next day. You:

Tell the teacher you need more time to study.
Guess all the answers on the test.
Copy off the person beside you.
Study before the test in your spare time.

10. Some of the kids at school are bulling you because you sit alone at lunch. You:

Just do your thing. You don't need friends at lunch.
Walk by them and give them a very stupid glare.
Tell yourself they don't matter.
Confront them and say their stupid.

11. You're driving your car along a straight road. Nobody is behind you or in front of you for miles. Your all alone. Suddenly a deer steps onto the road right in front of you! You swerve around the deer and into the ditch, swirling around. You totaled your car. You:

Walk up towards the highway and try to wave down somebody for help.
Call you're close friend.
Freak out out because your gonna be in so much trouble.
Phone 1 contact -A parent perhaps-, phone a towing company, and then the hospital.

12. You see a man about to jump off a local bridge. You:

Run towards the man and tell him: "Stop!" Then explain why he shouldn't jump.
Ignore him.
Scream towards him, "Stop!". Then run towards him.
Run towards the man and push him off the bridge when nobody's watching.

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