Are we alike? (Updated)

It's been awhile since I made a quiz and I've changed quite a bit the last couple of months so I decided to redo my "Are we similar?" quiz. The title basically does most of the explaining. This is focused more towards girls but guys can take this, too.

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Me: Hello ,I'm Lily, but you probably already know that. I know I made a quiz like this awhile ago, but I've changed a bit the last couple of months and I got into different fandoms. Like last time, I'm going to have characters ask you questions. Most of the characters are going to be from Hetalia, so if you don't know what that is I wouldn't take this since it might confuse you cause the characters are named after countries.
-Prussia: We aren't just named after countries, we ARE countries. And I'm the most awesome one!
-Me: I was talking. And Prussia is no longer a country.
-Prussia: Of course Prussia is still a country! I'm just so awesome that the people that make maps don't put Prussia on them anymore cause they are overwhelmed by my awesomeness. You know what they say, Prussia didn't leave history, history left Prussia. And it's true cause I'm to awesome for history! Kesesesesesese!
-Me: Whatever makes you sleep at night. Now before this gets out of hand, why don't you introduce yourself?

I'm (Name). Sorry if I don't
talk much, I'm not really
good with people.
(-Me: That's Ok. I'm not
good with people either, so I
know how you feel.
-Prussia: LAME!
-America: Sorry about those
two. They tend to argue a
lot.) It's Ok
Heyyy! I'm (Name)! Sorry in
advance for if I talk a lot. I
tend to ramble sometimes.
(-Me : It's fine,I'm used to
it. I'm America's little sister
and I'm around Prussia and
Denmark a lot so it doesn't
bother me that much.)
Really?! That's awesome! It
must be cool being related
to America!
(-Me: Kinda. It's nice except
for having take out 24/7. I
swear ,if I see another
hamburger, I'm throwing it
at Tony.)
Took you long enough. I'm
(Name) but address me as
"Your highness" if you want
to stay on my good side.
(-Me: How about I call you
"Sir grumps a lot" instead? I
think it suits you better.
-Prussia: Kesesese!) Tch!

-Me: Prussia since you're here, why don't you ask (Name) a question?
-Prussia: Ok. What is your favorite color?
-Me: Prussia are you crazy!?! People hate that question!
-Prussia: Kesesesesese!

It's fine, that question
doesn't bother me. I have
quite a bit favorite colors,
actually. But I got to say I
really like purple.
(-Me: That's my
favorite,too! I also like blue
and lime green.) Me too!
(-Prussia: This is the lamest
and most unawesome
conversation ever! Nobody
cares about colors!
-Me:*hits repeatedly with
broom* DON'T BE A
SALAD!) [If you get that
reference I love you.]
Ooh! I really like the color
pink! But I also really like
yellow. And I like blue, and
red and*starts rambling
about colors*
(-Me:*pokes with broom*)
Uuggghhh!! I hate that
question! You should know
better than to ask people
higher than you that
question! Ask me a better
(-Me:*pokes with broom
repeatedly* RUDE!) Stop
poking me! (-Me:
Nope!*continues poking*)

-Me: Big bro can you ask (Name) a question? I can't think of one.
-America: Sure thing, dudette(I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong)! I am the hero after all! I'm supposed to help people in need! Alright, who's your favorite superhero?

Umm.. I don't know, I like a
lot of superheros.But my top
three favorites are probably
the Flash, Batman and
(-Me: Those are my
favorites, too!)
I like Thor! And Iron Man!
Ooh! I also like the Hulk!
And Wolverine! Ahh! I can't
decide! I like a lot of
Why would I like
superheros? They're childish
and stupid!
(-Me and America:*Gasp*

-Matt(from Death note): Hey kid, can I ask a question?
-Me: Sure, go ahead.
-Matt: What's your favorite video game?
-Me:*face palms* Why am I not surprised that you asked that question?

I don't really play video
games that much but I do
like Mario. Especially Mario
kart. (-Me: Same! -Matt: I
used to love Mario kart, until
SOMEONE beat my high
score! -Me: I honestly can't
believe I beat you, let alone
27 times. -Matt: We're
having a rematch later.)
Umm.. Ooh! I like Candy
Crush! (-Matt: I don't think
that's a video game but I'll
let it slide.)
Video games are stupid. All
they do is make people
dumb. (-Matt: If video
games make people dumb,
then how am I the third
smartest child at Whammy's
House?) Umm... Well...
(-Matt: I rest my case.) Tch!

-Me: Icey! Ask (Name) a question!
-Iceland: Don't call me that! Do you think that I should call Norway big brother?
-Norway: Onii-chan~.
-Iceland: I'm not saying it!

Only if you want to. It would
be nice if you did since you
promised, but you probably
didn't think that you would
be related so you didn't put
much thought on it.
(Iceland: Thank you!)
Why is there a unicorn next
to the sailor?
(-Me:*laughs* -Norway: I'm
not a sailor.) Are you sure?
You look like one.
Why should I care?
(-Me:*hits with broom*)
(-Me: NEVAH!!!)

-Me: Ok, this is the last one. What are your hobbies?
-Prussia: LAME!
-Me*sprays with water* ZIP IT!

I like to watch anime, listen
to music and draw.
(-Me: SAME!)
I like to do lots of things!
Like-*starts rambling*
None of your business!
(-Me:*sprays with water*)
ACK! Stop it!
(-Me: Not happening!
*countinues to spray with