Is-your crush the perfect match for you

Is-your crush the perfect match for you

In this quiz you will find out if its destined to be together with your crush i know its hard finding out if its truly meant too be but now you can know and i know you probably are feeling nervous about taking this but remember they are not the only fish in the sea there are probably others who like you but you were just blind toi see it well i hope this doesnt break your heart also feel free to ask questions and leave feedback in the comments because i help with making relationships unite or i can give you a outlet on how to get over your crush too well thats all for now i hope you enjoy it

published on July 10, 201628 responses 10 4.5★ / 5

Does he/she ever stare at you from a distance in class or anywhere basically

Yeah deffinetly
during lunch or
with friends or
anywhere in
No never doesnt
even know i exist

Do you both have things in common like video games hobbies friends style etc

Hell yeah almost like twins or good friends
I think no cause wgenever we talk we just. Dont agree on the same things

Have you guys ever hanged out or texted eachother too see how your doing or too do something fun

Oh yeah we talk about eachothers life and we hang in different places
No i dont even know there number and never really asked them to hang out

Have youve seen signs that they really like you for example touching hands legs feet bodies not in a weird way like hugging lol

Ohh yeah!! They would usually try to grab me by the shoulders or hands
No doesnt even want to but sometimes they do but its only if its a hand shake or if its to comfort me

Has he/sge ever got jelouse when you talked to other guys/girls and usually drags you away

Deffinetly i never even get the chance to be with them for that long because of him also because he/she will make a excuse
No i try too make them but he doesnt show any signs of jealously. Against them or meπŸ˜–

This will not affect your answer but how are you doing are you ok like can you handle more

Yes i just have to wait ans see and hope
No im feeling crushed right now but i will try

Ok so has he/she ever said things that they dont mean like joking around with what they said trying to see how you would take it

Yes and sometimes i think its true but in the end they say they are joking but i know
No when he/she jokes they mean it

If in class or somewhere like on a trip you had too be with partners would he/she choose you

Yes he/she will immietetly race over to me
No he/she goes with the first person he sees

Have people ever asked if you 2 are dating one another or others questions or rumors

Oh yeah baby i usually start to light up on the inside with joy
People dont even talk about me or him together

Did-you-enjoy-my-Quiz-and-are a little nervous to find out your answer

I liked it but the hard part would be finding out the truth but i will heal
I didnt like it that much maybe improve a bit more but i just got to see my answer