Adventure RP!

Adventure RP!

This is like where you choose your own path, but in the forest. I might be making another on, depending how this one turns out.

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You walk through the woods one day after school and see a rabbit trapped in a trap. What do you do?

Let it go, of course!
Umm, I don't know.
Leave it be, it's not my problem.
Cut it loose and cradle it. Throw some baby talk in while I'm at it.

You keep wandering around and see a witch. She's up to no good. What do you do?

Run away!
Help her out.
I don't know...
Be polite and move on.

There's a man giving out free keys. There's only four and big crowd of little kids. One catches your eye, but the little kid grabbed it. What do you do?

Grab the little kid and punch him and steal the key.
I don't know...
Be kind and let him have it. It's quite alright.
Aww, he/she is too cute with her/his chubby cheeks! Why not?

You're coming to a halt because you're exhausted. You pass out eventually. A kind man takes you in and feeds you and gives you water. How do you repay him?

Where am I?
Thank you so much, sir! *gives him a dollar*
Aww! Thank you a lot! OMG, I could have DIED!
Punch him in the face and yell "KIDNAP!".

You leave and keep going. You see a shining object hidden in the leaves. What do you do?

Snatch up.
I don't know...
Stare at it for awhile.
What is it?

You figure out it's glass. What is your reaction?

Phew...and I keep walking on.
OMG, I could've been hurt!

You come to a halt at a tree. There's four chests and four keys, you've seen earlier. Which one do you choose?

The golden one.
The oak, I guess.
The rock one.
The crystal one.

You open the...

Golden chest.
The crystal chest.
The oak chest.
The rock chest. It's pretty ugly, but I'll do it anyway...