What Kind of Canine are You?

What Kind of Canine are You?

This quiz is for people who want to find out what kind of canine they are. :3 Enjoy!

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If someone threatens your family, what would you do?

Tackle them to the ground and keep them from hurting my family. If I'm brave enough.
Run away
Stay with my family but don't attack the criminal. I'd rather die with my family!

If you find food in winter and your family was starving, what would you do?

I can't decide. It depends how desperate I am. I'll sit and think.
My family must eat it first! They matter more than I do.
Run away with it. Hide and then eat it all myself!

You're at school when an earthquake happens! Debris falls between you and your best friend. You can't go around or through it, so you try to scramble over it. You keep slipping and falling. What do you do?

Keep going! My friend doesn't deserve to die all alone!
Keep going, but half-heartedly
I need to get back home, my family must be dead with worry! Besides, I can't get to my friend anyway!

Your mom just put some food in front of you, and it is winter and you don't have much food. The food she gave you was the last meal you had. What do you do?

Never eat it! My mother should have it, I'll find my own. My mom will not die no matter what!
Eat it and than your mom.
It doesn't matter, my mom can have it if she wants.

You father has a broken leg, and you're trying to get him to the gas station for help. You see it, and are excited. What do you do?

Run immediately and get help! Leave my father, it's quicker to run without his weight! We'll get help faster anyway!
I'll stay with him. We'll die or live together!
I don't know! It depends how hurt my father is.