What you say is what you keep? 9

What you say is what you keep? 9

I WAS WASNT MAKING QUIZES IN FOREVER IM SORRY! Sooo...you know the times where you have to make sure that you..idk i..! You remember what happened last time right? HE has a Ex GIRLFRIEND and your human crush has a crush on you! :D :D :D

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"That wasn't needed..." Vine mumbled. How am I gonna get out of this...." I do have feelings for you ____" he said. DANG IT! Vine thought and forced herself to blush. "R-really!?" Vine tried acting surprised. "Yeah, and I can tell that you're feeling better!" He smiled and pointed at the heart meter. "Its normal!" "Yea!!...." Vine tried acting happy. She made sure that this wasn't a dream. She also looked around " So much drama in the hospital!" She said." I couldn't agree more" He smiled and walked out of the hospital room. "UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH I WANT MY BODY BBBBAAACCCKKKK" Vine groaned.

I want mine back too.
Lets be smart about this okay? We just need that electric pulse to hit me/you again and I should
be back in my human world and you should be back in your world
*sighs* i.dont.act.like.that.VINE!
This is gonna be GREAT!

"Babe!" Star sounded so happy. "Yea..." He acted happy and then saw you on the floor. "______!" He ran over to you and started to shake you. " Dr. Eggman what did you do!" Sonic growled. " I just simply switched their mental minds and gave her powers" He replied. "You must be lying! She already had powers!!" Tails said confidently. "And what do you mean by switching their mental minds..." Silver mumbled. " I let _____ be set free as a voice and Vine is in ____ body in the human world" said Dr.Eggman. Then Shadow swiftly put Star in a head lock. "Listen here you idiotic doctor, you need Star. You switch their bodies right back or else"

Where are you going with this?
You're suddenly so brave!
Origanal!! Go Fa~ sonic go!
Good question! Maybe that explains why I'm in y'alls head!
Threatening?! Thats ONE way to do it! *watches*

"I don't need her, I already got what I want from her" said Dr.Eggman. "But..I also already got what I wanted....so..." Then he pressed the same button that switched y'alls minds, and your back and so is she. But, you're still a hedgehog and so is Vine. "W-why aren't I a human!" You ask, getting very angry. "I don't know" Dr.Eggman smirks. Then thats when you had enough, you suddenly feel something growing in you. "Whats happening...." He asked backing away from you, so did everyone else. You close your eyes feeling something growing in your hands, soon enough its an orb of light. You open your eyes, and the orb of light shoots towards Dr.Eggman.

Now its time for you to feel the pain I felt....*smirks evilly but then sighs*
This is so cool!! *smirks and continues shooting orbs of light at Dr.Eggman*
I bet you wish you never ticked me off..
WOO!!*continues shooting orbs of light at Dr.Eggman*

Then he comes back into the hospital room and checks on the heart meter. "OH MY GOD!" He yelled and started shaking you. Then he grabbed something. "CLEAR!" He puts on shades and electrocuted you to jump start your heart again. "HELP!!" He runs out of the room calling for help, from some of the doctors. When Vine left your body, nothing was in it so your heart stopped. Making him think you're dead. "No..please no" He started to tear up as he searched for some doctors.

Dang it! And was this just one of Dr.Eggmans attacks? We're up for one hell of a challenge..
NO! Have faith...have faith..
Meh I like this world better!

Soon, the orbs form into one huge ball, shooting towards Dr.Eggman. "AHHHH!!!!" He screamed as Star broke free of Shadow's Headlock and started running. "Whoa" Tails mumbled. "LETS GO!" Shadow skated out of there, making a race with Sonic. "Tails may I fly with you?" Vine asked? Then grabbed on to Tails legs and Tails flew out of there. You however were still in there.

I'll skate!
I'll run!
I can fly!
I'll warp out of there!

You got out of there in no time as the lab exploded. Everyone met up at the house. "Star is a huge help to Dr.Eggman" Sonic exclaimed." That was too close!" You said. " And this was just one of his first attacks!" Vine mumbled."Do you have you powers?" Shadow asked. "No.." said Vine. "Oh.....but at least we accomplished one goal..." Tails said, looking at you. "Rescuing me...." You said. "Vine, is it true that your REAL name is Crystal?" You asked looking at her. Everyone was silent after you asked that, backing away behind you.

Was it THAT BAD of a question?
Seriously guys, she doesn't have powers...*HEY BUT I DO HAVE FIST AND HAND TO HAND
COMABT!* Oh...well it doesn't matter
Stop guys. She won't do anything.
*rolls eyes* Is it true or not.

"No,its not" She replies. "Are you lying to me? " You ask, folding your arms. Thats when Vine started getting a little bit angry. "How the heck are you so positive. That my name is "Crystal" Vine folded her arms as well and slanted a little. "Because someone of the name Star said that you've been lying to us all. Also saying you took stuff from her.". You could tell by the look in Vine's eyes she wasn't feeling up to this conversation. "Believe whatever you want _____ I'm about done with this foolishness," Vine walked out of the house, blaming the door shut.

Vine, I want the answer!
Okay, maybe a little pressure but not a LOT.
*sighs* Are we gonna have to go get her now?
So Im taking that as a yes. CRYSTAL WAIT UP!!!

"I think we should let her have some peace" Shadow said. " I guess so..." Then you remembered what she told you one night, and decided it was time for the guys to know. "Vine is an alien because she showed me this locket with weird creatures in it, and she told me not to tell anyone but I couldn't hold it in much longer!!!" You exclaimed. "W-what?" Shadow was pretty shocked. "What do you mean?

Shadow I think you know what I mean! She could possibly be your sister!! And you dated your
Shads, that means she's man made...like you..
Ik im shocked as well!
Its just how it is....

"Thats pretty weird" Tails said." To think she didn't have any secrets! Im her favorite!!" "It doesn't matter, what matters is to get her back here and talk to her about it. "Yeah..." You say, just remembering that you weren't suppose to tell anyone. ______________ "Lets go" Tails said walking out the door. ~~ "She was so close....Star, I think i might have to end your life her and now," Vine said, with a growing evil smirk. "WAIT IM SORRY!" Star exclaimed backing away from Vine. "WHEN I TELL YOU TO KEEP A SECRET YOU KEEP IT!" Vine snapped and growled.

Maybe we could all let loose and go to a singing event of something!
I hope that she'll be okay..
Cmon lets go! *walks out the door*
Welp, 2 aliens in our live yea....