What type of pedo are you?

For fun and comic what your favorite child actor is and there's 4 plausible results

published on September 16, 20178 responses 1

What's your favorite age

4 0r less
5 to 7
8 to 10
11 to 13

What do you think

What do you think
What does look like in the bathroom
I wonder how much stuff i can put in side him
Is there naked pics of him
Where does he live

Out of all of these who is your favorite

Anakin from star wars
Spanky from little rascals save the day
Lucas from fine bros
Young Bruce from Batman

What is your favorite way to get your boys

Looking for lost boys
Playing games boys like
Get a son and play with him and his friends

What do you do after you had fun with your boy

I don't have fun with boys i just watch
I would tell him he can't see my son if he tells
I would let him go home but if he tells i would know and we'll play again
I'll make my basement his new home so we could have fun soon