Your Harry Potter Life (2)

Your Harry Potter Life (2)

Take this quiz to see your life in the magical world of Harry Potter! Enjoy! I know this is kinda sucky... sorry

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Hi! I'm Ashlee. How are you?

Great! I have to make this quick, or I'll be late to quidditch.
Do you want an honest answer?
Me: Um.......
Good, how are you?

What is your family situation?

Meh. Not good, not bad.
.........My parents are missing...........
I have a lot of family to love, to put it in good way.

What is your opinion of the Golden Trio?

*Death glares me*
Me: OK, OK! I take it you don't like them?
You: No.
Hermione and I study together! But Harry hates me.
I don't get along with them except Ron, but that's another story.

Who is your favorite boy? If you don't mind me asking......

It's okay! And I like Harry to be honest.
I like Fred........
....Draco..... We understand each other.

Dumbledore's Army or Death Eaters?

DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
....Death Eaters...... But I was forced into it.



Anything else?

Not really. I'm a seeker in quidditch.....
I'm pretty good at quidditch. *blushes*
Me: Awwww Kawaii! Ish ok.