Your Harry Potter Life: Marauders Edition

Your Harry Potter Life: Marauders Edition

Today you get to see what your life would be like if you were a witch in the Marauders Era of Harry Potter. Enjoy this monstrosity that I call a quiz!

published on July 03, 201629 responses 3 3.0★ / 5

Ash: Hi! I'm Ashlee, but call me Ash. I am hosting your quiz today. How are you?
Aus: Hi! I'm Austin, but will be called Aus. I don't know why I'm here.

Pretty good. How about you?
Ash: You're nice. I like you!
Meh. I'm okay. I need to catch up on stuff though,so make it quick. Do you have a dung bomb I can borrow?
Ash: Umm, fresh out. I know your result.
What's it to you?
Ash: Meanie.

Ash: So..... Any hobbies?
Aus: *annoyingly* YeeaAahh! Any hobbBies?

PRANKING!!!!!!!!! Er.... I mean......... Studying? Hehe
Ash: It's alright, I gotcha. *Winks* *giggles* Kidding
Studying, To be honest. I'm sorry. I'm a little boring.
Ash: Studying isn't boring!
Plotting against those no good Marauders.........
Ash: Ooookayyy, whatever suits your fancy!

Ash: Quidditch? Or nah.....?
Aus: Stop. Just stop.

*mutters* Chaser for Slytherin
Aus: Cooool! I'm a Slytherin too!
You guys are weird, but I like it. I play quidditch as a seeker for Gryffindor.
Ash: I'm a Gryffindor too!
Oh! I don't play, I just watch and Cheer on my house, Hufflepuff.
Ash: My sisters Arabella and Aurora are Hufflepuffs!

Ash: Do you want anything to drink? *gives you tea with truth potion that lasts for only this question* So.... Tell me; who do you like?

Lucius Malfoy *covers mouth* WHAT DID YOU DO TO THAT TEA??????????? GAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sirius Black. *smiles confidently, not really caring*
Remus Lupin! *blushes*

Aus: Don't hate us.... but....
Ash and Aus: Favorite colour? *hides behind Arabella and Aurora, our sisters*

Silver or Black
Light Yellow
Red or Gold

Aus and Ash: See
you around! Nice to meet you!

Bye! Nice doing business with ya!
Ash: Nice doing business with ya. *slips you a dungbomb*
You: *smirks*
Good Riddance!
Ash: I still think you're a meanie.
Bye bye!
Ash: You're nice!