Sonic wwffy (7)

Sonic wwffy (7)

Please post results down. Possibilities: Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, and Mephiles.

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You were walking home from school one day when you were knocked over by a blur. What colour was it?

Black and red
Black and blue

The next day you were going to your locker where your BFFs Melody and Erica were talking. As soon as you got to your locker they stopped talking.

That was strange.
What were you guys talking about? (Melody:
You'll find out later. )
Whatever... (Erica:Someones not very social
Forget it...
I don't like it when people talk about me behind
my back... (You: (bursts into tears) Melody: No
thats not what we were talking about.
You say something bad about me! (You: (cracks
knuckles) Melody: This cant be good.

Later at lunch- Melody: (takes a bite out of her taco) So... y/n... How are you?

(Takes a bite out of a chilli dog) Good
(Melody: Chilli dogs...)
Good.So Guys... How are you both today?
(Melody: Good! Erica: Same here :)
Good. Sup?
(Melody: Nm Erica: Mn)
Im fine...
(Erica: Seriously...)
(Melody: (facepalm)
Im good. Now what was it that you were
talking about earlier? (Cracks knuckles)
(Melody: o-o You scare me...(gets up from
lunch table and runs)

(Wall blasts open)
Melody: Eggman...
Eggman: Hello girls! Why what do we have here? I think I'll take her. (Robotic arm picks you up)

(Passed out)
Melody: Jerk...
Eggman: Who me?
(Passed out)
Erica: Your so cruel.
Eggman: I know right?
(Passed out)
Melody: Oh well. She lived she got kidnapped. Story of her life. (Starts walking away)
Erica: Melody will always be Melody.
Melody: (lies down on a nearby bench) Im tired. Okay?
(Passed out)
Erica: I am not helping Miss Anti-social.
Melody: (glares at Erica)
Eggman: (sneaks away)
(Passed out)
Melody: Eggman! How dare you! (Turns to dark form)
Eggman and Erica: o-o
What are you talking about? Eggman never caught me! I was too busy chasing after Melody.
Melody: (stops running) Eggman. Please take her...
Eggman: My pleasure. (Robotic hand picks you up)
Nooo! (Passes out)

Part 2 will be out soon when you will meet the boys and my freind lunastarchaser377s OC Luna. If you want to be in my quiz then tell me and I'll add you. Bye!

Nice meeting you!
Screw you Melody!
Melody: (crying)
Erica: You hurt my sister! (Turns to dark form)