Which BTS rapper are you?

Which BTS rapper are you?

Ever wanted to know who you are in the BTS rapline? Let me feed yo asses the results.

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Your peer asks for someone to do a challenge. You accept it, but they say you are going to fail and tries to talk you out of it. What do you do?

Prove them wrong
But what's the challenge? It depends what it is
Unless it's a dance challenge, I'm probably going to walk away

After a long week of school/work, you're invited to a party Friday night. What do you do?

If I don't have to work over time/tones of homework and have the energy, I'll go
I'm too tired to go... maybe next time
yes, I totally want to meet new people and have a blast

You used to make YouTube videos and years later you come across one

This is where I started to gain my confidence
Ahhh, no! How do I delete this? So embarrassing
Ya I posted odd and quirky videos and some are cringe, but others I like to look back at
Dislike it

When it comes to a relationship...

When it comes to a relationship...
I'm first attracted to their appearance, but as time goes by, I love their personality too
I hate fxxk boys/hoes. I rather be with someone who is like me/similar personality to me
Someone who has lots of Ageyo, since I'm into cuteness

Someone asks you if they rap well. They rap OK, but they lack confidence and their off some beats. Your response...

Not bad, I'd give you a 60. Don't give up practicing though!
Couple things:
- maybe rap songs your vocal range can flow on
- you're shoulders are hunched over, straighten your back
- Umm Idk if your meant to rap honey. Maybe practice more but will it help though?
Good effort! Don't worry I started poorly too!

Your fashion style is...

Your fashion style is...
Original and doesn't care about trends that much
Try to dress to act/look a certain way you want to be portrayed as
Trendy street wear
loose clothing/athletic

If 2x3-mx2+nx-2 divided by x+1 and the remainder is -12 and (x-2) is a factor, find m and n

I remember doing this math in senior year, but don't remember how to solve it
How the fxxk does this relate?
Eminem is found in the U.S.

You're in the mall with your friends, and your jam comes on...

Tell your friends this is my jam
Don't say anything and just listen to it
Dance to it like nobodies watching

What's your fear?

What's your fear?
I'm afraid of fear itself
reptiles and/or scary animals
I've been through enough shit to not be afraid no more

What would your cover of your mix tape be like?

bright to catch attention
Have quotes on it and a "deep" message conveyed on it
My face with a cool look

What was your favourite BTS era?

Love Yourself
School Uniform aesthetic
Save me
Spring day
Not Today
it was a song in an era that didn't match the era they were promoting. I like the feel of it
Blood Swear and Tears

Go to fashion accessory?

Bucket hat
trendy bag
base ball cap/dad hat
Designer headband

Someone confesses their love for you. Your response...

I Love you too ;)
Be speechless and don't know how to respond
I'm not interested to date you, but I'm sure you will find someone better than me one day!
Let's go out one time!
I don't like you back sorry

Favorite Cypher?

Does Ddaeng count?

What kind of rapper voice do you have/would you want

clear and controls the beat
raspy and can rap fast; however, flow style is limited
rap and sing (good vocal range) at the same time

With music...

You are more into producing beats than lyrics
I like to write lyrics the most
I like to test different flows with my voice

Favorite sub-genre in rap?

battle rap
East coast