Friendship Simulator (Arashi)

Friendship Simulator (Arashi)

Welcome to Friendship Simulator (Arashi)! In this Friendship Simulator, your goal is to become friends with Arashi by the time you have to leave. Will you become friends with her, or will you make a new enemy? Enjoy.

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You're at the library where you told someone to meet you, and a human with lynx ears and a fox tail walks in.
"I'm here. What do you want?"

"Get away from me now. I hate you."
"Oh, I just wanna be friends!"
"...I don't know. What do YOU want?"

"I'm Arashi Blade. You are?"

"My name is _____."
"I, am the beautiful _____! Stay away from me, you filthy creature!"

"I'm bored here. Let's get outta this lame place."
It seems like Arashi is bored here. Where do you wanna go?

>Go to the amusement park
>Go to the mall
>Go to the bookstore

>If you picked the Amusement Park<
"Haha! I love this place!"
>If you picked the bookstore<
"Cool, I guess..."
>If you chose the mall<
"*yawn* Can we go somewhere else?"

"Ugh fine. I'm going back to MY beautiful luxury home."
"I'm going back home..."
"Haha, I knew you'd love it! It's getting sorta late. I'm going back home.

"Oh, alright. See u tomorrow at the movie theatre at 8:00 in the morning. If that's okay."
Arashi heads off to her house.

"Ugh, fine. Buh-bye."
"Alright! Bye!"

You head off to your house, and when you get inside, you get changed into your pajamas and go to bed.

Ugh, next day?
Next day please...
Alrighty! On to the next day!

It's the next day.
You wake up at 7:00.
You decide to get changed. What do you wear?

A pink tank top with a sparkly tutu and sparkly black flats.
A black jacket with blue jeans and purple runners.
Eh, just a shirt and a pair of black pants with some runners.

You head to the movie theatre.
"Alright. Let's head inside."

"Ugh, fine, princess."
"Okay... I guess."
"Okay, Arashi!"

You head inside with her. She gives you a bag of popcorn as you two walk into the theatre.

*snatches popcorn*
*takes popcorn*
"Thanks!" *takes popcorn*

*after the movie*
"I liked that movie. It sucks you have to leave so soon. Maybe we should hang out again one day. See u!"
She runs off after giving a mini salute.
After, you go home.

"Ugh, bye, princess."
*walks off*