The weird quiz!

Take this quiz to find out whether you are weird or not! It's okay to be weird. (I'm just saying that for the people who get the result 'weird')

published on July 27, 20189 responses 4 4.0★ / 5

Not meaning to be weird when asking this question, but do you watch Porn***?

Yes! I love watching *** videos!
Only once in a while, but I don't like it that much.
No! Gross!

Do people think you're weird?

Yeah...They say I'm weird:(
They say I'm only a little weird
No. People don't say that about me.

Do you have a lot in common with everyone else ? ( Take your classmates at school for an example )

We only have some things in common....
Yes. I'm just like everyone else.

Do you consider yourself weird?

A little bit

Do you have good social skills?

Yes. I'm very good at making friends.
Yeah...I guess
No. That's because everyone thinks I'm weird, so it's hard to get people to like me.

Nerd or popular? Choose the one closest to you. (Based on you when you were in school or now)

Neither. I'm just a normal student.

Are you bad at math? ( It's considered normal to be mad at math )

No! I'm very good at math. I'm a math geek!
I'm somewhere between normal and good.
Yes! I suck at Math!

Is your style like the typical person your gender?

I guess