undertale wwffy?

undertale wwffy?

ok so a lot of you guys asked for this but i never really got around to it so here you are guys and more will be added later

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you fall through a hole in mt. Ebott and seee a flower staring at you what do you do?

tease it and dodge its attacks
dodge it, hoping someone
comes for help

a goat like figure throws a fireball at the flower and offers for you to come with her. Are you interested?

maybe i wanna stay miss goat

you arrive at a home and go to bed early, after waking up you find a butterscotch cinnamon pie and see a stairway down the hallway a but what do you do?

try going down the hallway
stay with the goat

as you defeat the goat and walk on into a snowy area you hear something behind you what do you do?

turn around
keep walking

another skeleton walks up to you and begins to try and capture you. do you let him?

yes why not

thats the end of this part, so there will be more parts coming soon and nore characters available what do you think?

hell yea!
alright then

well see ya guys later and have a good day!

ok bye