Are You A F**kboy?

Are You A F**kboy?

are you a 100% fuckboy? or are you neutral? you could even be a 0% fuckboy! take the quiz to find out fam

published on June 24, 201587 responses 0 4.0★ / 5

Pick a name of a girl you'd love to bang

Does it matter? She's still a girl I'd love to bang
I don't mind, only if she has a nice personality
Katie or Kathy some shit

A girl messages you. She's quite basic looking. She's wearing a tank top from ICE and has crimped hair. What do you do?

I'd probably keep conversation very short. Not answer for a few minutes after every text. At least I'm talking to her.
Well, she's not very attractive. I'm probably talking to nicer, more attractive girls. I would open the message and not reply
I wouldn't open the message. That way, she would think that I never saw it. At least I'm being nice!
I don't have Facebook.

Pick an outfit

Chinos, Flannel Shirt
Black Tee, Black Pants
White Shirt and Baggy Pants
I'm mostly naked
Whatever suits the weather. It could be chilly out.

Pick a girl

Margot Robbie
Megan Fox
Hot Girl in my Maths Class
My mum's the only woman I care about in my life
I'm gay
I don't care much for girls. There's more important things in life

Pick a career

I just wanna be rich with a hot wife
Something creative
Run my own business

What's the definition of the word; Fuckboy?

White nike tube socks with adidas sandals
Can't find the clitoris
Relies on his mum but doesn't respect women
A manipulating dick who does whatever it takes to benefit him, regardless of who he screws over. They will screw over
anyone and everyone as long they get what they want.
The f***iest of the f***ing f***'s
Listens to Meghan Trainor voluntarily

Pick a movie

Marley & Me
The Da Vinci Code
The Wolf Of Wall Street
Fast & Furious 7
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Pick a show

Orange Is The New Black
The Walking Dead

What would you love to do this Friday night?

Hang with friends
Have S Word (The site doesn't let me say the word)
Hang with the family
Go to a co-ed party
Watch movies in my room

Do you think you're a fuckboy?

Hoe, I was the first
Nope. I respect vaginas.
I don't appreciate that language
F*** off I'm trying to watch Wolf Of Wall Street
Idek :) Watcha doin ????