Which President are you? (1)

Just what the title says. I have to get a longer description! Aw man didn’t work to finish my description. Sigh, wait why do I still have- okay nvm (Note:this quiz is short)

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What would you do if you lost an election?

Dorm the microphone but then pay for it
Start a WARRRR...
Love your opponent !
Well, still signing the constitution

You see homeless people on the street, what do you do?

Free Market!
Nation building is... on your side?
Wait, what? PST! Everyone has a home in my days.

What if there is a terrible guy that threatens your country?

Nation building!
Not taking that.
WELFARE! Oh wait.
Teach him about economics

Your Vice President is running for president after you! What do you do?

WEL- wait just teach him that
Do some silly stuff on the economy
Blast out the media and tell everyone to vote for him.
Make sure he follows the law

Who do you want to get?

Ronald Reagan
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Thomas Jefferson