Would I date you? (attention)

Would I date you? (attention)

asking for a friend- oh yeah also i just want attention :) if you could post your answers that would be great thanks ((totally stole this idea from @twinkles.dinkles))

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Where do we go on our first date?

Anywhere with a ferris wheel
The pool
The movies
The beach
Roller rink
The woods/forest
Nowhere- We stay home and watch TV
Literally you look like you were in a terrible
accident- I'm not willing to take yo ass

Do you physically present feminine?

I'm sort of ambiguous with my appearance

Do the Teletubbies scare you?

Not really

How many things offend you, to the point where you don't like jokes about whatever it is?

Almost everything, even if it doesn't affect
me in any way.
Only a few things
Literally nothing

Follow-up question: how do you take being the butt of a joke?

I constantly make myself the butt of the
joke, so yeah, I take it pretty easily.
It hurts a little bit- but I don't care, I laugh
anyways and don't let it bother me
I tell whoever is making the joke to stop, and
that it's not funny
I've never been the butt of a joke before

Are you okay with an open relationship??

Yeah- I can't really do hardcore monogamy
Only to a light degree
Yeah, but not a third member
Ew what the fúck-
No, I can't do that

Do you constantly talk down aboit yourself, not in a joking matter whatsoever?

It's rarely seriously
Pretty much never

If there's an opportunity to take an aesthetic picture, are you willing to stop and take it with me?

It depends on how hard it is to get the
picture you want
Uhhhhh of course??
No- that's just stupid

How do you feel about the Melanie Martinez accusations?

She's innocent- there are so many things
that discredit Timothy Heller entirely.
I don't really have an opinion on it
She's guilty, no doubt about it.

Are you emo? Sorry, I have to ask.

Not at all
I don't really think so but according to my
friends I am
Low-key but not to the point where I cut
myself and wear all black
no!!! XD *rawr* i just am randum not emo!!!


About 7

Can we vibe with all of Lana Del Rey's music??

Only a couple songs tbh
Sometimes but not always

Finally: Meme??

yeetus that fetus
approximately 12
No, my humor is far superior