Are you A girly girl, emo, or tomboy?

Are you A girly girl, emo, or tomboy?

Would you rather be shopping, locked up in your room, or at a skate park with your friends? Take this quiz to find out!

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You find out your crush is taken! What is your reaction?

:Walks up to girl: HEY YOU! GET AWAY FROM MY GUY! HE IS MINE! :me: Ok... That's a little harsh there sweety...:
Pfft. Whatever.
I knew he would never like me... :me: Don't worry. He is no worth your time.:

There is a party at a friends house and you decide to go! What do you wear?

A dress with high heels, earings and a lucky necklace!
A shirt, jeans and some sneakers.
I don't have any friends. And I don't go to parties...

Your friend/realitive is in the hospital fighting cancer, what is your reaction?

:sobs in corner: :me: Aww don't worry, she/ he will be okay.:
I feel so bad! I plan on visiting her/him tomorrow
I don't have any friends. And some of my realitives already died...

You got sent to your room for a time out. What do you do?

What the heck? My sister started it!
:yells downstairs: MOOOOM, IM NOT A BABY ANYMORE
Whatever... I spend all of my time here anyway

How do you spend your free time?

Shopping, texting, all those stuff.
Skaeboarding and hanging out with friends.
Locked up in my room. My dark, dark room...

Whats your fave type of music?

Classical :me: me too!:
Duh... Pop, rock, rap and all that stuff

What is your favorite outfit?

A dress. Pink of course. Some flats or heels Hair straight. Earrings and a necklace. And a head band
A shirt, shorts or jeans (depends on the weather) Some hightop sneakers and my hair in a ponytail.
Black shirt and leather jacket. A black and white checkerd skirt, and my hair black with Purple highlights. Oh yea, and some boots.

What is your favorite color?

Blue, purple, and green
Black... pitch black

Whats your favorite animal?

All of them. Except unicorns

And Finally, Do you like pizza?

Duh... YESSS
I guess... But only a little