Do you think I can guess your zodiac?

Do you think I can guess your zodiac?

This will probably fail A LOT. but,if im right,please tell me! So,heres the rules. 1. I'm always right,2.If im wrong,back to rule 1. Okay? XD so just have fun,tell me what i should improve on,but don't just stab me in the heart with your comments. Because,i will haunt you at night,i swear. So all im saying is,im sorry if i don't get it right,because i probably will not get it right.

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How are you with money?

I'm attracted to expensive things,i get money easily then others, and I don't spend it wisely,i buy stuff just to return it later
usually. So basically,very spendthrift.
While I do have a handle on spending my money,I may often squander my cash on impulsive buys,i buy things only to return
it later because im quite spontaneous when shopping,i change my mind later on.
I don't view money as something important,pursuing my causes are much more important to me,rather then how much
money i make.
I'm very cautious when it comes to money,i prefer to save something today in order to buy something better tomorrow.I like
to save my money best,and save something until i get the best.
I'm generous with money,and very lucky with it at times,I have no problem with sharing my wealth with people and charities.
Money gives me a sense of control,no one can push or persuade me to spend more money then i want to. I don't like wasting
it,but I don't mind sacrificing it for something i ultimately desire.
Money can slip through my hands easily,because it's not the money that i love,its the things i can buy with it!I may end up
spending my money on luxurious things,im prone to over spending..
I'm Responsible with my money and can stay within a budget. I get excited when I come across a good deal.
I'm generous with my money and i don't mind spending it on my friends.I spend it A LOT because i see it as something to get
what i deserve!
I like to spend my money on things that i can possess and hold on to for a long time,i also like spending it on food i very
much love. However, i prefer to hold on to money as long as i can.
I prefer to spend my money on social activities and fun,no matter how short-lived.
I spend my money on comfort,as things i can touch,taste, and see. Rather then something that isn't tangible.I save my money
instead of spending it right away.

That was boring,right? Ok,well,if you REALLY want to see,then move on with the questions. Okay,whats your favorite time of day?


If you were single,or are,name ONE reason why you think you would be.

Moody as f**k
Too stubborn to agree on anything with my partner,plus,already in a relationship with food x3
Not committed enough and never has the time
Too busy crying and watching tv..
Too needy
still waiting for my manic pixie dream girl/boy to save the day lol
No reason.
(Me: Yes,because your perfect o3o)
Trust issues and jealousy
Always drunk or hyper and don't know what i want
Too dry and serious about everything

If you were a roomate,how would you keep your room?

Order a pizza with everything on it to make sure they don't forget my favorite topping.
Labels everything in the shared fridge as "mine",shares it anyway
Accidentally slams door at 3 in the morning,apologizes loudly
Is never home due to how many things I'm involved in,is only home to eat ramen and watch netflix
rearranges everything in the shower according to how much soap is left in the bottle
does homework due in a month,questions your work ethic
Falls out of bed in hysterics and complains about all the cute people on campus
Spends the time I should be studying watching old youtube memes
is silent for hours,then suddenly screams out "F**K!" about forgetting something I was supposed to do two hours ago
jumps into bed,hurts a part of my body,promptly asks,"Did you see that?"
Looks up from laptop on a sunday night and shakes my head silently before getting back to whatever it was I was doing
mutters under my breath while cleaning,the muttering is actually old taylor swift songs

Ugh,im starting to think i'm not going to get this right.again,sorry if i dont get yours correct. this is just for fun. anyways,pick a tea. (this is the last question,sorry its so short,please tell me if im right or wrong,im probably wrong x3)

Jasmine tea
Blooming tea
Honeybush tea
Passion tea
Green tea
Earl Greytea
Chai tea
Iced tea
Bubble tea
Chamomile tea