What does Smol Bean think of you?

What does Smol Bean think of you?

Just a simple quiz to see if Smol Bean approves of chu or nawt. Hope you enjoy!

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Your opinion on short and/or small people?

Yes! they are part of the smol bean army!
They are precious and sweet little things and should be given love and kindness
I love little children *creepy smile*
No, they're just a bunch of stupid midgets

Your opinion on people who act childish and cute

*hugs them* they are sweet precious babies!
The cute childish ones are the easiest to snach
immature brats

A cat is stuck and desperately needs help!

Saves the kitty then comforts and takes care of it since it's still in shock from the fear
Gets cat and brings it to a vet
Sets the tree on fire and smiles
*shoots it* there, it's down

A stranger is crying but nobody around is doing anything and just ignores them

Comforts them and ask if they are okay
ask if they are okay and brings them to a trusted adult to help them
Gives candy to them as offers to drive them home
rolls eyes and calls them annoying

Finish the sentence:
"True friends..."

Are always there for you when you need them most
are the ones who got your back
like it when you say they're "naughty"
don't exist

Someone ask you to help them with a school assignment they're having trouble with

Help them of course! It's just down right stupid to reject a plea for help
Helps them study and get better at the subject
Invites to home for "studying"
Tells them to Eff off and do their own work

You are confessed to, what do you say?

accepts them, telling them that you love them as well
accepts the confession
accepts and invites to "hang out"
Rejects them

How do you confess to love?

In the most romantic way
Sweetly and full of caring
I love no one