Which mythical creature are you? (1)

Which mythical creature are you? (1)

I see that some of you did my spirit animal quiz and god or goddess quiz but if you haven't yet check them out in this quiz you will find out your mythical creature guardian or companion in history a lot of people said mythical creatures existed and legends have said that everyone has one this will tell you which one you have or are i hope you enjoy😘

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What would you do on a beautiful day outside what do you enjoy

Flying a kite
watching the birds
Standing on my
balcony drinking
some tea looking at
the sky
Going for a run with friends and chilling at the park
Be in a nice shady area with a few friends playing games talking about life
Going for a swim to cool off and sleep

What would you have as a meal for lunch or breakfast

Sushi some fried mushrooms nice cup of ice water
Some steak salad chips cup of some kind of pop
A fruit salad with cookies and orange juice
Some soup with bread milk and butter
Crossiants tea brandy cinnamon rolls

What is your style what outfit matches you mem or women

For a girl nice jeans with nice boots and red shirt
for a guy shorts gymshoes a nice shirt
For a girl a dress with nice shoes
for a guy nice pants with a golden shirt and nice shoes
For a girl short shirts tank top gym shoes
for a guy jeans tank tom gym shoes
For a girl black pants with a hot top and heels
for a guy a suit nice shoes and long pants
For a girl plaid shirt jean shorts cow girl boots
for a guy sandles shorts tank top

What is your favorite animal out of these

A dog any type
A horse any color and style
A peacock
A pet fish any fish you want

Where would you like to live what is your favorite spot to live

In the woods in a. Nice beautiful cabin
On my own island in a nice big house with my friends
Up on a moutain enjoying the view
I a suburban area with a lot of land alone with my lover
In italy in a nice big house that has a great view

What is your favorite sport or what sport do you do

Swimming love the water
Soccer love to kick people
Football like to tackle
Volleyball making spikes
Running makes me feel unstoppable

What would you like your answer to be what mythical creature do you love

A Griffin
A Dragon
A Centaur
A Werewolf
A Mermaid/merman

What would you want your job to be what do you like to do

Work at a aquariam with different sea animals
Archeologist looking back in history
A musician love music
A gardener love nature
A video game designer

What is your worst fear out of these choices what scares you the most

Drowning not be able to breath
Spiders i hate them so much
Heights i hate high places
Death i dont like to die
Being trampled by a herd

What did you think of this test

Loved it cant wait for my answer
Great amazing test
Maybe it was 50 50 for me
Not sure but it was ok
No try adding some more stuff it was goid though