God or goddess which are you

God or goddess which are you

This quiz will show which god or goddess you are like or your strength or your personality this quiz will show your purpose and that with the powers of the gods you will be the one who will show that strength please enjoy my quiz and leave a comment with feedback so that when i make a new one i make it better than the last

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How would you spend your alone time? What do you like to do?

Spendding my
time swimming or
surfing in the water
Getting into fights
with anyone who
crosses your path
and gets in the way
Going out with your boyfriend/girlfriendshowing other women/men he/she is not theirs
Getting with all your friends and walking around town doing fun things no matter what the weather is
Showing your friends who are girls/boys that they will do whatever you say how you say it and what but still showing them respect

What do people describe you as? What they think of you when they see who you are?

a lone type of personality always looking down on people spending to much time on one thing
A serious outgoing personality who does everything right and when they are told a caring person
Calm quiet lost lonely scary
Full of style a people person who would help someone but show them that they should not mess with you
Dont like people but act nice to build up your reputation you always get everything done but spend time reading a goid book

What is your power? What is your spiritual element?

Fire a warm person who would fight for his/or her family/friends
Water, moving water where ever and moving with the flow in life
Earth, change anything and make it betrer and move things to where they should be
Wind, making the temperature change to what ever and blow anything as hard as you can
Air, controll the air to be fresh and full of oxegen for life on earth

Which song do you like? What is your favorite music?

Sleeping with the sirens
This is war by 30seconds to mars
Stressed out by 21 pilots
Exs and ohs by Ellie king
Linkin park what i've done

if you were in a ally? And some group of peopke come up to you and start harrassing you? What will you do to escspe?

Grab my pepoer spray and water and start spraying them until there is a area to run
Grab your lighter and some spray make a flame thrower and spray it around until they run away
Use my goid looks and fighting moves to distract them and get out of there
Pull out your phone and calk the police while you are stalling them until help comes
Grab my taser and grab my smoke bombs to create a smoke screen while you make a run for it

If you had a deal that says you have to sacrafice yourself or family or friends or others to keep your world safe what will you do

Sacrafice myself instead of others cause i will die with dignity
My family because i still wabt to live a long life
Friends because they could be trusted and sometimes cant all i know is they will thank me
Others because you love yourself and your family and your friends you do not want to lose them
I will fight the deal with making another deal that they cannot refuse

Who do you treasure more in your life? Will you give up everything for him/her or them who do you want to be with forever

With my family making memories living life until the end
Friends because i care about them more and my family will be fine
Neither i rather be a lone wolf
My love because thats who i really need with me

What do you think of this quiz

Loved it cannot wait for my answer
Love it had me ferl goid energy and gave me choices that i loved
Maybe i say work on it more and do something more when you make more quizzes
Kind of but really didnt flow with the groove
No but i hope the next one is better