Are you fit to run a mile nonstop?

Are you fit to run a mile nonstop?

Ok, so it might seem like a weird question, but I'm in track myself (I have a pic of me and my ribbons on my wall) and I run the mile for it, not too bad at it either. But what I want to know if you guys can do it yourselves. Take this quiz to find out if you can before you try.

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What do you personally think on if you can run the mile or not?

I think I can
I don't think so

Your honest opinion, how strong do you think you are.

Very strong
not very strong

How confident are you

Not very confident
very confident

What is your mental stability.

I'm very sane, I am aware of surroundings and concentrated
I think I might be insane

What is your confidence level


If you are in track, then what do you run

I run long distance (400, 800, 1600)
I run sprint events (Dash's, Hurdles, etc.)
I'm not in track
I'm in track, but only in field events (Discus, shot put, High jump, etc.)

If you are in track, do you run the mile already?

No, but i'm in track

How do people describe your athletic ability

Very athletic

What is your self-esteem

I have great self-esteem
I have bad self-esteem

What do you think you got?

I can run the mile
I can't run the mile