Harry Potter Life! (Looong Results)

Harry Potter Life! (Looong Results)

Have you ever wondered what HP house you are in? How about what the other characters think of you? Patronus? All of this and more are answered! Tell me what you got in the comments!

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What are you most likely to be doing on a Saturday morning?

Hanging around with friends and eating whatever is in front of me
Studying for the next week- Hey, you can never be to careful!
In bed reading and drinking coffee.
Chilling with your homies.

What would you do if you were given a broomstick?

Duh, learn how to fly!
Thank your lucky stars that you got a better broomstick then the old Shooting Star you have- It makes
Quidditch practice sooo slow!!
Give it to someone who is actually on the team.
Sell it again to earn some galleons.

Ummm... So... What's your favorite color? *slaps self*

Blue or any dark velvety color.
Simple colors: Red, blue.
Light and bright colors!
Mint, reddish gold, metallic colors.

What is your favorite animal?

Any sea animal.
Cats and/or dogs.
Little cute animals- Hamsters, mice, so on.

If you could go anywhere in the world with anyone what would you do?

Iceland with my friends!
New York with my family!
The jungle with my friends!
I'm fine anywhere if I'm close to the ones I love.

Would you ever want to join Voldemort?

Yeah, as much as I want to fall of a cliff.
If he is holding my family hostage then maybe...
Um yeah as he is smarter then the bunch of idiots I hang around with every day.

What is your favorite pattern?


What do you like better-
The sea or land?

The sea

Are you left or right wand-armed?


What do you do better?

Be humorous.