Which Mythical Creature Are You?

Which one of these mythical creatures do you think you are? A fairy, a phoenix, a pegasus, a unicorn, or a siren?

published on May 22, 201626 responses 6 4.6★ / 5

Pick one colour below.

Fiery red
Shimmery pink
Cloud blue
Dewdrop green
Ocean blue

Pick one personality trait below.

I have a whole rainbow of personalities! How do I pick just one?!

Do you mess around with your friends?

Pff, all the time!
No. I don't have time for that stuff. Well, unless you count getting everyone to like you, then I
guess so.
No, it's really immature.
No, not really.

Pick a talent below.

Swimming, dancing, or singing
Playing sports
I don't know. Gardening? Running?
I have so many! How do I pick just one?

If you could have one magical ability, what would it be?

Casting spells. It would be so much more helpful!
Flying or casting spells. Perhaps both, m-maybe?
To use my voice to put people in trances and possess them.
Anything fire based! I'm all fired up!

Which place would you like to live if you could?

A magical forest! No, no, no, a cloud kingdom! No, a giant cave! Agghh, I can't decide!
Anywhere. As long as it's not cold.
Hmm, a sunken ship, perhaps? A lake, a river, or an ocean would be perfect.
I don't know... A giant treestump or a spiderweb...
A cloud kingdom would be nice! Or maybe a forest or a mountain?

Pick one of the lyrics below.

"You think by now, that I might've learned not to play with fire if I don't wanna get burned"
"Blue rose is love, blue rose is love"
"I'll become anything you like, this is what you wanted, right?"
"We could be heroes, me and you..."
"In every storm, in every moon, in every vena, there lives Athena"

What job would you like to have when you grow old enough?

I don't know... Something that involves helping others, I guess.
How can I choose just one?! There are SOOO MANY!
...Maybe a writer...
A sports coach!
A singer... A choreographist... Or maybe a swimmer?