RP quiz: Cory Emulator!

RP quiz: Cory Emulator!

Behold! The Cory Emulator! see if you can be TRUE Cory material! Warning: RP questions.

published on November 29, 201419 responses 5 3.0★ / 5

Welcome to Cory Emulator. You get to play as Cory and do Cory stuff. Do things correctly, and you get rewarded.

You wake up, shower, dry off, and are tasked with deciding the outfit to wear.

Light blue t-shirt, dark blue jeans.
Chiken suit.

After getting dressed, you head off to Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria. Upon entering, Toy Freddy and the gang finished their song, and notice your arrival. Toy Freddy says, "Time for an intermission, we'll be right back!" The animatronics go backstage. When you go backstage, Toy Freddy's gang and the older Freddy's gang are there. "Good to see you!" BB says cheerfully. The gang then discusses a party that will happen at night. You claim that you'll bring soda and food. You are then asked to keep an eye on Toy Chica. "We can't let her spike the punch like last time," claims Toy Freddy. Will you accept?


As you leave, you enter a random boss battle with a charizard! What will you do about it?!

Fight the charizard!
Run like a Chica! (Chicken)
Ask someone to fight it for you!

After the battle is won (or after you run away) you gain some exp, regardless of what you chose. You then head down to Bronycon. You and Foxy meet up there. Now is time to kick donkeys!

How 'bout no?
Aw yeah! Time to fight the evil bronies! Bwahahaha!
I'm a brony and offended by this question. (Me: too bad!)

After that, You go home to get dressed for the party! what do you wear?

Cat-in-the-hat hat, Kanye West glasses, and a giant candy cane!
Pinstripe suit with black fedora!
Ballon Boy cosplay!
Lady Gaga's meat suit!

You get dressed, and go to the party at night! What do you do once you get in?

Keep an eye on Toy Chica regardless if you accepted the task or not.
Flirt with the girls there.
Brag about your deeds!

All of the sudden, a boss battle theme plays! It's Fat Hercules! He's going to ruin the party with the help of a machine he made for mischief! What do you do?!

Stand there.
I'll mess him up!
Sap his machine!
Save the gravy!

Any way, the animatronics (and possibly you, depending on your choice,) fight Fat Hercules, and he rolls into his mischiefinator (the machine), thus breaking it. The party is saved! You then go home. What do you do before you sleep?

Save game.
Call that number you got.
Eat a baby.

Right as you're gonna get in bed, you hear a voice say, "Good night, senpai..." You turn around. A wild Yandere girl appears! What do you do?!

Do the most logical thing possible; Be hers, but make sure she promises not to stab you.
RuN aWaY!
Fight her!