What element are you? (17)

What element are you? (17)

What element do you control? Which is your favorite? In other words, what power of nature do you hold? Take this accurate quiz to find out!

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What do you do with your free time?

I like to sketch.
I like to run around, duh, get over yourselves, it's the most fun thing to do!
I like to be outside surrounded by nature.
I like to be inside and look at the sky through the window on rainy days, it's beautiful.

Which do you like best?


If you had a choice, where would you live?

Underwater! I love the dolphins, the water, and the sand.
In a hot place with lots of activities.
In a treehouse! :D

What is your favorite animal?

Dolphins, of course!
Cheetahs, lions, tigers. Big cats that hunt!
All the animals! They're all here for a reason!
Birds. They can fly!

What's your favorite color?

Deep ocean blue.
Neon red! YAH!
All of them!
White, gray, silver, sparkles, blue!

What color eyes do you want?

Purple, duh!
Green :D
Red, so rare and cool.
Bright yellow!
Hot colors, durrrh.
Brown c;
Heterochromia, one blue and one green.
Anything natural, I hate artificial beauty.
White, rare and clear and beautiful!
Briightt blue! Like, almost fake looking blue!

How do you consider yourself?

I don't think much of myself, but I think I'm pretty and smart nonetheless...
Funny, pretty, awesome, hot and popular! Also VERY nice!
A normal person, natural and I don't think much of myself but I don't hate myself.
Rare, unique, beautiful, smart!