Worst WWFFY Thingamajinger Ever (Males only version)

Worst WWFFY Thingamajinger Ever (Males only version)

This version of Worst WWFFY is meant for males. Brace yourselves for some of my female characters, Chica from FNAF, and a game over.

published on November 21, 201415 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

What would she do if she saw another girl flirting with you?

She'd stuff her into a mascot suit.
She'd beat me up. :(
She'd slaughter that girl so I wouldn't leave her.
She'd scoff in her face and tell me to ignore that "Flirtatious Bimbo."

What do you look for in a girl?

Magic, boldness, and a little bit of cute charm.
Intelligence, lovingness, but a twist of danger.
Something unusual, maybe she's an entertainer?
Speaks her mind, but doesn't disobey authorities.

Which "Dere" type would you like her to be?

Yandere. :>
Himedere. She gets what she wants!
... What's Dere?
Tsundere. :)

What would you wear to surprise your date?

The leash she bought me. It's itchy though...
The suit she made me It's weird though, she said it was made from her tears and her hair and her blood, even her sweat, so... I'm
guessing she worked quite hard on this.
The butler suit.
A matching shirt.

Perfect date?

Her house, where she keeps me locked up so she can do whatever she wants to me.
Eating some great food!
Out in town.
She'd take me to the balcony to show me the new spell she learned.